Localization Testing Services
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Localization Testing Services

Localization Testing Services though are a little similar to globalization testing, but in particular, the services differ on numerous levels. Localization Testing services help to process the development of distinct versions of an application or adapting it to distinct local and culture-specific requirements. It is focussed towards gaining business and marketing momentum through quality assurance of applications via software testing. It is great to have a well-localized version of an application which must have a translated user interface, user guide, and content in the local language as well as adaption of a culture-specific graphics.

Suma Soft Localization testing services offer a variety of features under software testing of applications. We maintain an extensive region wise checklist like different formats for dates, phone numbers, licenses, currencies, etc. to make the QA process easy. Also, language fonts, basic functionalities, appearances are tested for a specific locality. We have ready expertise in functional, website localization, linguistic and translation testing as a part of Localization testing on Web and Mobile applications. Our team is dedicated and possess practical experience from various projects served throughout the world.

Advantages of Suma Soft Localization Testing Services

Region-wise Frameworks

With the help of ready region-wise frameworks, we make sure to provide on time and reasonable services with complete professionalism.

Certified Localization Testers team with Linguistic experts

The team of Localization testers, also having linguistic experts at Suma Soft possess wide experience from various industry verticals with linguistic giving an all-round result.

Well Designed Testing plan and Client Interaction

We believe in a well designed and researched testing plan which is laid down after a thorough discussion and understanding of the client’s requirements.

Standard Localization Testing Process

Our quality and standard localization testing services process make sure your customers enjoy a flawless experience and you get benefitted from a rising business.

Localization with Internationalization for Mobile & Web apps

The QA experts provide localization with Internalization testing as well for mobile and web applications for clients from multiple domains.

Real Life Test Conditions

The team of testers at Suma Soft create test scenarios using localized software (Windows, MS Office, etc.), and MUI (multilingual user interface).

Case Studies

Suma Soft provided advanced Testing Solutions to a leading US-based product development firm with an easy-to-use, thoroughly tested and fully functional product.

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Suma Soft provided end-to-end Testing Solution for a SaaS product developed by an Indian IT Firm for a Japan-based client creating a smooth and quick functionality.

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