IT Risk Management Solutions USA

Suma Soft provides IT risk management solutions for varied SMEs and MNCs in USA and India and helps solve regulatory, risk and compliance problems, thus helping organizations to be more efficient to increase their business operational productivity.

We enable clients to take a disciplined approach to manage operational risks through a process of assessments, improvements, model evaluation and validation. Our IT risk & security management solution encompasses:

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Enterprise-wide IT audits solution for USA and India

This includes IT policies and procedures, review of security controls, IT general controls and applications controls. During the audit we review logical access management, review of networking and security devices like Routers, Firewall, physical access, backup and disaster recovery processes, change management, control over SDLC, computer operations, data center controls, application input-processing-output-interface controls.

Internal Audits for ISO 27001/PCI-DSS/SOX-404

We provide assistance in ISO 27001/PCI-DSS/SOX-404 pre-certification reviews as well as advisory services to safeguard credit/debit card holder data as per the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Alongside, we support clients in compliance to SOX act by carrying out management testing of IT general controls required for SOX-404 certification.

IT Compliance Audits

We conduct thorough review of organization’s adherence to regulatory guidelines. We carry out varied IT audits to identify flaws of IT processes, applications, infrastructure components based on regulatory guidelines issued by Reserve Bank of India, Insurance Regulatory Development Authority, SEBI, Stock Exchanges and Clearing Corporation of India.

Formulation of IT Governance Guidelines

We assist organizations in the development of various governance guidelines including IT policies and procedures, information security policies and guidelines, business continuity, disaster recovery plan.

Web Application Security testing framework by Suma Soft

Suma Soft identifies security issues in the applications using extensive web application security testing framework. It helps organizations ensure that they are free from vulnerabilities prescribed in OWASP top 10/WASC criteria.

Vulnerability Assessment Services for USA

We conduct internal vulnerability assessments and external penetration testing on IT infrastructure components including servers and network devices to identify potential weaknesses in the IT infrastructure.

Application Audits

We perform an independent application audit to review the extent of business objectives met and applications are appropriate, valid, reliable, timely and securely input processing.

Third Party Security Assessments

We work with our clients to formulate vendor IT Risk Assessment program in order to review and identify weakest links at the vendor’s end.

1. Data Protection
The audit and review process of Suma Soft helps clients protect their data and networks that help in securing their applications. Besides, we suggest the specific corrective actions one can take to improve their operations.

2. Integrated Security Program
Suma Soft’s vulnerability assessment helps organizations improve their security framework and develop an integrated security program by conducting vulnerability assessment.

3. Compliance Maintenance
Performing comprehensive review of a company’s adherence to regulatory guidelines Suma Soft provides assessment, auditing, alerting and remediation to reduce risk, maintain and prove compliance in infrastructure.

Suma Soft assists organizations in the development of various governance guidelines including IT policies and procedures, information security policies, maintaining business continuity and disaster recovery plan. This strengthens businesses to develop effective IT security strategies and practices in accordance with business requirements and objectives. The industry that we are catering to:

Enterprise IT risk management includes compliance and business risks that a business has to manage. It integrates strategic planning, operations management, internal control and compliance management. Suma Soft renders premium vulnerability assessment services for organizations in USA and helps in analyzing and setting up proper measurements to evaluate key risk indicators in the software.

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