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Email Support Outsourcing

Email is the second most widely used communication channel for customer support. Statistically speaking about 20% of customers preferred to contact customer support through an email in the year 2018. (Source – Statista Report). Though the share of Email Support Outsourcing seems small when compared to other popular mediums like phone and live chat, it cannot be ignored.

It is no surprise that email tends to have a better clarification when compared to that with phone medium. Besides this, it is easier to keep a track and record of all previous communication that took place over an email.

Customers expect business to give a prompt response to their emails, no matter how busy you may sound to them. One way to overcome this lag time is through outsourcing your email support services to a professional team.

We at Suma Soft ,understand the requirements of your business and the importance of having an effective email support. We provide 24*7 email support outsourcing for technical as well as non-technical purposes.

After having an in-depth understanding of your business, keeping you in a loop we prepare a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers. These are stored in our database. This knowledge base is timely updated at regular intervals depending upon the recent interactions. As our team is trained and well versed with your products and services, we provide quick email response to your client’s queries.

E-mail Follow Up

Once an email has been sent in response to your client's query from our side, we take an e-mail follow-up to make sure that the issue has been solved. This approach helps improve client satisfaction and establish a better relationship with clients.

Along with this, we can also help you drive better sales through email follow up campaigns. Our email support services are tuned to increase the lead qualification rate.


Direct Mail Follow-up Services

Direct mail follow up services help in building a long-term relationship with the clients and gaining their trust. Direct mail follow up services can improve the chances of immediate sales. Our email targeting is highly customized depending upon the industry and your business requirements.


24/7 Email Support

If you keep your email availability and support limited to working hours, you may probably be going wrong. Your customers can need assistance at any given time whether it be you working or non- working hours. We can deliver 24/7 email support services on your behalf and help you achieve better email response rate. We deliver personalized and quick email responses to your customers around the clock .i.e on a 24/7 basis.

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Email Support Outsourcing Services can help you respond quickly to your customers and help you to focus on core areas of business. We at Suma Soft can help your business by offering Email Follow Up Services, direct mail follow up services, & 24/7 email support services.