We are partners with Microsoft, committed to streamline and support all sort of Dynamics 365 CRM platform needs. Join hands with our experts to implement, customize, integrate powerful and strong CRM into any device.
  • Dynamics 365 CRM- Key Benefits
  • Dynamics 365 Sales Model

Suma Soft’s Dynamics 365 CRM Consulting Services

We are partners with Microsoft, committed to streamline and support all sort of Dynamics 365 CRM platform needs. Join hands with our experts to implement, customize, integrate powerful and strong CRM into any device.

  • Dynamics 365 CRM- Key Benefits
  • Dynamics 365 Sales Model
  • Our Offerings in Dynamics 365 CRM

Why Choose Suma Soft for Dynamics 365 CRM Consulting?

In two decades, Suma Soft has only witnessed incremental progress by wooing diversified clients across the globe.Our Dynamics 365 CRM Service covers every process, every step even smallest, their successful execution, only to bring optimal outputs.Smart CRM collects all sort of data and transforms information into robust tool to enable you to analyze it from core and support sales team improve relationship with customers.Our clients pick Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM Services for not one but due to many reasons,

On-premise or cloud accessibility On-premise or cloud security
Manual to automated system Cost-effectiveness
Flexibility Improvised customer engagement
Collaboration of multiple services Advanced system tracking

Benefits of choosing Dynamics 365 CRM?

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM has proven to be a boon for sales, marketing and service professionals. It gives these professionals access of single interface where user experiences are managed by monitoring activities.

Key Benefits of Dynamics 365 CRM

  • Microsoft’s CRM services are available for both types of system-on-premises and cloud versions.
  • It supports different languages and is compliant to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Dynamics CRM’s intuitive user interface integrates easily with existing Microsoft products, which is why it is ranked higher in user adoption.
  • Dynamics 365 CRM is similar to Microsoft products and also familiar with all the other existing applications, hence implementation of CRM becomes quicker.
  • Microsoft Platform’s customization capability aligns well with your organizational needs.
  • Dynamics 365 CRM module is a set of strong functionality, with impressive features, such as, advanced searching and reporting.
  • Day to day activities of various departments, such as, sales, marketing, customer support, procurement, finance, and operation can be performed more efficiently.
  • Combination of suitable services based upon business need can be easily integrated with Outlook, Office 365, Linkedin, Power BI, PowerApps etc.
  • Maximum utilization of AI and machine learning makes Dynamics 365 one of its kind.
  • Fits to your budget and accessible to all sizes of business, smaller to medium to larger.

Dynamics 365 Sales Model

The one any only aim of any sales team is to grow customer engagement and build new leads. By choosing Dynamics 365 Sales Model you increase the productivity of your sales team by providing them facile dashboard which helps in setting goals, tracking actionable insights and closing the deal faster and most importantly on a positive note.

Dynamics 365 for Sales lets sales professionals perform everything which is not new to them but in a more efficient manner. The idea is to increase the productivity by minimizing the stress level followed by a big how and where. If your business is critical and understanding its development is bit complex then Dynamics 365 Sales tools will give your team 360 degree view of business development.

Lets talk about some of Dynamics 365 for Sales vital features

  • Track potential leads who can turn into loyal customers
  • Effectively analyze sale pipeline while tracking proposals
  • Automate all sales processes, including notifications and approval
  • Improve the scope of account and contact management
  • Real-time activity trackers & reminders to avoid slip of activity
  • Build project quotation and estimation with easy-to-use methods
  • Pre-built dashboards and other tools to analyze clients and sales
  • Automated flow of data between Dynamics 365 & other products
  • Integrated communication to initiate calls with team members
  • Easy collaboration of all the teammates using different Sales tools
  • Cross-platform mobile apps enabling client & deal management

How We Transform Your business with Dynamics CRM?

Your entire business revolves around building strong Customer base. You’re working hard to meet their expectations. Suma Soft Professionals vouch on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM capability that helps in setting long-term and short-term goals, creating achievable strategies, deploying those strategies accurately, in order to win productive sales, engaged marketing and informed support. We provide Microsoft’s CRM services that are worth every penny.

  • To build a strong customer relationship, Suma Soft helps its clients understand their customer first. We help your business with gap analysis. Dynamics 365 CRM lets you study the history and current status of any customer experience, which enables the sales staff to take required actions.
  • We collect the requirement, build Dynamics 365 CRM implementation plan and deploy much needed services for your system. One dedicated manager is assigned to look after all-in-all procedures, right from planning to migration and support.
  • Suma Soft’s Dynamics CRM experts configure your system from the scratch as well as create customized bespoke requirements owing to the fact that all the business processes require to be streamlined.
  • If you know what you want, we are more than eager to help you in setting up your own modules, apps, and customized objects.
  • We efficiently integrate Dynamics 365 CRM into your existing system and platform.
  • Migrating data between two or more system can be really tedious and complex, but not with Dynamics 365 Data Migration plan. Our services thrive to merge, clean and eliminate redundant copies before importing to CRM.
  • We also perform seamless latest upgradation of current Dynamics 365.
  • If you have been using Salesforce, then its time to transform your business by migrating it to Dynamics 365, a much better and largely adopted sales model.
  • We not only help you configure the Dynamics 365 into your system but also train your staff with more than basic know-hows of it, so that your business keeps running smooth.
  • We have your back. From the smallest to high risk issues or bumps, we are all ears. Our 24/7 services help you with optimization, and other support.