Database Migration Testing Services for a smooth migration
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Database Migration Testing Services

Database Migration Testing Services are crucial for preventing the risk associated with data and transformation loss. The testers from Suma Soft have successfully executed database migration testing for various databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, and Azure. Our Database migration testing services ensure smooth execution of the database migration programs. We have the potential to run full and partial tests. We address the database migration errors by bringing in practice -proven methodologies and efficient tool support. Suma Soft is a leading database migration testing company offering bug-free quality testing services to various industry domain across the globe.

Database Migration Testing Procedure
  • Identifying and understanding the exact requirements of the client
  • Feasibility study and test estimation
  • Test planning ie. finding the right technique and testing tools based on client’s inputs
  • Creating test scenarios and test cases
  • After the approval of test cases, we perform the pre-execution check
  • Execution of all test cases
  • Once the test cases are executed, comprehensive reports are generated

Testing techniques used in Database Migration Testing

Data Validation:
Data validation covers important aspects such as schematic correctness, completeness, interoperability, and consistency of the database structures. Reconciliation testing is carried out to ensure the completeness of the database structure and the target source. Data reconciliation can be executed at the end of the day, periodically or in real time depending upon the requirements of the client. Semantics testing involves the following types of testing :

A. Appearance Testing:
The primary purpose of Appearance Testing is to test the GUI data of the source and the target application. With automation testing, comparisons tests can be executed in less time.

B. Processability Testing:
Processability Testing helps identify inconsistencies and incompatibilities between the parameterization of the target application and the migrated data.

C. Integration Testing:
Through Integration testing, we verify if the references between applications are working smoothly in both directions. Migrated data from the source application and the target application is tested.

D. Migration Run Test:
This usually deals with analyzing the execution time of the database migration. This type of testing helps in finding and reporting errors and crashes.

Advantages of Database Migration Testing Services

Through testing the correctness, stability and execution of data and data migration programs can be validated.

The risk of data loss can be minimized as common sources of migration errors/faults are identified.

Thorough testing helps to improve the overall speed of the database migration procedure.

Database Migration Testing Services ensure smooth movement of data across various ETL layers.

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