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Cross-Platform App Development

What are cross-platform mobile apps?

The apps that support multiple mobile platforms are categorized as cross-platform apps. While developing a cross-platform mobile app, a single code is used across multiple platforms.

We have a team of qualified developers who leverage the latest cross-platform frameworks such as Xamarin, React Native and Ionic to deliver best in class cross-platform mobile apps globally.


With the power of .Net framework and C# Xamarin, we design cutting-edge mobile apps loaded with latest OS features like accelerometer, camera, compass, contacts, file, geolocation, media, network, notifications (alert, sound, vibration), and storage. Our team has built awesome native alike mobile apps on Xamarin.

Benefits Of Xamarin
  • Code sharing across multiple platforms
  • Lesser development time
  • Offers UI design environments for Xamarin studio & Visual Studio
  • No hardware compatibility issues
  • No need to switch development environments as Xamarin works on both Xamarin (Mac) & Visual studio (Windows)
  • Portable Class libraries (PCL) makes code target simple

React Native

Javascript combined with React Native offers a real fast cross-platform app experience, powering your application to run at 60 frames per second. Its Livereload and Intuitive Architecture makes it more useful. We provide Heightened user experience and comprehensive solutions leveraging business efficiency using React Native.

Benefits Of React Native
  • Native controls and native modules improve performance
  • Offers Third-Party Plugin compatibility
  • React Native contains all ReactJS features, aimed at improving UI
  • Build its own Ads Manager app, creating both an iOS and an Android version.
  • Building blocks are reusable “native components” that compile directly to native.
  • Apply UI components to an existing app’s code-without any rewriting at all.


With the impressive UI design support, and developed on the Latest Javascript Angular JS framework, Ionic help us to develop business-friendly cross-platform applications with a strategic solution in quicktime. Its Cordova plugins allow us to use generic features of latest OS.

Benefits of Ionic
  • One source for all the supported platforms
  • No need to start from scratch if you ever want to deploy another device Write once, run anywhere.
  • Main development in HTML, CSS and JS.
  • Utilizes Cordova Plugins
  • Default User Interface

Why Suma Soft?

  • Reduced cost and shorter SDLC
  • Customizations to meet your business needs
  • Innovative websites with expert developers
  • Scalability, flexibility and robustness ensured
  • Improved portability by 70%
  • Budget friendly and effective solutions
  • Enhance your business ROI

Case Studies

Suma Soft’s app development team provided a platform with workflow configured to source Loan Applications from across the country to a central processing location

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Suma Soft developed an Android app for a renowned IT & ITES solutions provider that detects the nearest blood bank in case of emergency situations.

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