Cloud Migration Services

Suma Soft has been successfully providing Cloud Monitoring services for Microsoft’s Azure, Share-point, Amazon web services and Google Cloud.

Cloud migration involves moving data, email, file server or applications from an organization’s onsite computers to the cloud. It may also involve moving the data from one cloud environment to another. This is called cloud-to-cloud migration. Suma Soft’s cloud migration services help reduce operational costs, while increasing IT effectiveness.

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Microsoft dynamics

SharePoint: Microsoft SharePoint is the business collaboration platform for enterprises seeking better data access and association. It offers a unified platform that enables resources to stay connected, find and share information and work together without complications.

Azure: Moving data to Azure is a quick and relatively easy process. Azure provides on-demand computing and storage resources. Suma Soft helps organizations in reducing backup and archiving costs.

Amazon Web services (AWS)

Data centers are getting outdated. Organizations are moving to public and hybrid clouds to increase IT agility. Suma Soft has experts and best in class technologies to deliver managed AWS cloud services.

Google Cloud Migration

Suma Soft enables enterprises to upload large, and unstructured data on Google cloud. Google cloud provides robust data recovery.

1. Cost saving
Optimized hardware use, Lowered employee cost, zero capital cost, and less electricity consumption are few ways Suma Soft delivers cost-efficient Cloud Migration services.

2. Scalability
Cloud Migration allows companies to scale services easily. Suma Soft’s Cloud Migration services enable real-time solutions to changes in the market and business requirements.

3. Flexibility
Suma Soft’s Cloud Migration services help eliminate the need for hardware and equipment build-outs and allows rapid agile development that speeds the innovation.

3. Expertise
Suma Soft has highly skilled expertise in Cloud Migration services.

SumaSoft caters to a myriad of global clients for its Cloud migration services.
This brings reliability for trades of providing quality service. With a partnership driven approach, we ensure that our cloud migration team works closely with your operations teams to build a robust infrastructure. Thereafter, this knowledge repository is applied to design innovative solutions for technical issues of following industry verticals:

Today’s CIOs and CTOs look for cost-effective and high level customer support facility for their end users. They face the challenges of maintaining the technology infrastructure costs.
In Suma Soft, we understand this particular business requirement. Adhering to flexible cost methodology, we endeavor to address cost related issues faced by CTOs.

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