Our credit and loan processing outsourcing services for USA and India help mortgage lenders and brokers close loan in less turn around time (TAT) through strategic and seamless processing. Credit and loan proceedings are painstaking and time consuming. Delay in processing the credit application can result in losing your prospective client. We, at Suma Soft understand this business urgency and hence manage credit and loan processing services outsourcing in USA and India with utmost care.

Credit and loan Processing

It includes verifying documents received, data processing on credit platform/LOS/LMS, credit check through database de-dupe, credit score, check, tele-verification and co-ordination with field verification process

Disbursement Processing

This refers to checking post-delivery documentation and performing disbursement and authorization of payments

Loan Closure Service

This encompasses handling foreclosure requests (FC), providing statement of Accounts (SOA), and cancellation of Lien/ No Objection (NOC) on the asset

1. Process Maturity
Our rich domain knowledge in Finance and Banking services have enable us handle credit processing and loan approval with 100% accuracy and process maturity.

2. Enhance Productivity
Suma Soft delivers outstanding SLAs that are considered as industry benchmarks for credit processing. This helps us ensure that our clients achieve a higher closing ratio on their loans at a standard processing cost.

3. CRM Solution
Our image based work flow solution helps us centralize the operations, provide highly efficient and manage processing services for our clients.

The combination of technology and industry practice have empowered our credit processes to meet dynamic challenges of the industry. We believe in driving transformation in Automotive industry and Banking Sector through our unique and accurate solutions and help you meet your customers’ demands. While catering to these two sectors, our main focus is to reach global trends and follow robust service processes to remain profitable and sustain volatile market conditions. The industry sectors that we cater to are:

  • Automotive
  • Banking & Finance

Being an ISO 27001 certified company, we address the volume spikes of credit and loan processes and assure complete confidentiality of clients’ data. We provide flawless and proven banking and financial outsourcing solution for USA that assist clients to adapt to rapid changing market scenarios. While hiring our reliable Banking and Financial Outsourcing Solution for India, you can rest assure of achieving higher ROI.

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