Checkmarx – Secure Source Code Analysis Solution (SAST)

Suma Soft has partnered with Checkmarx to offer Source Code Analysis solution. This tool is identified as one of the best tools for Static Application Security Testing (SAST) by Gartner in their Critical Capabilities Report. Checkmarx’s has several customers globally and also in India. Threat to information security is a continuously evolving issue that plagues enterprises across the globe. To counter these threats organizations need a prompt and comprehensive solution. Leveraging our experience of working with leading network security providers, we at Suma Soft have streamlined the most trustworthy resources for managing enterprise security solution.

Features Offered By Checkmarx

Source code analysis

It is a highly accurate and flexible tool that is used for static application security testing (SAST) by Suma Soft. This tool is recognized by Gartner and deployed by hundreds of customer across the globe. It helps scan the source code at the very early stage of software development life cycle (SDLC).

Reduces security issues

While delivering enterprise security solution implementation for USA, we partner with checkmarx’s SAST, to assist organizations in reducing vulnerabilities arising out of inappropriate coding practices.

Automatic scanning of code

The development team can use the source code analysis solution to automatically scan un-compiled code and identify security vulnerabilities.

Advantages Of Source Code Analysis

Streamlined Threat Detection

By integrating the source code analysis tool of Checkmarx into the SDLC process, Suma Soft helps companies to streamline threat detection and remediation. This tool is identified as one of the best tools for Static Application Security Testing (SAST) by Gartner in their ‘Critical Capabilities Report’

Increased Operational Efficiency

Partnering with Checkmarx’s source code analysis, Suma Soft enables you to analyze every ongoing activity within the network. Thus, you achieve complete threat visibility to take required safety measures to protect your IT system and increase operational efficiency.

Best IT Security Management

Checkmarx’s source code analysis helps IT staff to better review any underlying security breach so that organization can manage IT infrastructure risk effectively. Checkmarx generates security reports at any given point of time.

Checkmarx – Secure Source Code Analysis Solution (SAST)-Suma Soft
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Checkmarx – Secure Source Code Analysis Solution (SAST)-Suma Soft
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