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Logistics Business Process Outsourcing partner

7 ways a COO can save upto 50% of your operation cost with a Logistics Business Process Outsourcing partner!

Logistics Business Process Outsourcing companies increase business benefits by providing cost efficient solutions. Certain key Advantages of outsourcing include cost reduction, advanced business processes, improved delivery models and operational efficiency.

7 ways a COO can save upto 50% of your operation cost with a Logistics Business Process Outsourcing partner!

  • Reduce 50% cost of custom documentation & track and trace services with an expert Logistics BPO provider.
  • Significant increase in productivity of in-house employees by 2X and focus on core capabilities
  • Technology cost invested in a BPO can be reduced by 70% because of outsourcing.
  • Working during client’s night hours help provide maximum back office support coverage hence reducing TAT.
  • A BPO partner that uses a work force management tool gives an extra competitive edge.
  • Partnering with an experienced BPO provider that has catered to various global companies belonging to different industry verticals help increase productivity
  • Outsourcing to an ISO 27001 and 9001 certified BPO partner which gives importance to security, accuracy and quality becomes primary.

Suma Soft helps logistics and Supply Chain companies improve customer service,
through back-office documentation services. Logistics companies can save upto 50% cost by outsourcing their logistics BPO services. Suma Soft has been delivering cost effective BPO solution for 16+ years.
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Logistics BPO Partner helps reduce documentation cost by 50%

Maintaining an in-house Documentation, Track and trace team can be a very costly affair. Hence offshoring to a cost effective Logistics BPO partner can help reduce cost up to 50%.

Here are some key factors how Suma Soft can help reduce Logistics documentation cost by 50%….

1. 100+ Documentation Management Team
With strength of 100+ team members, the tracking and tracing of documents, shipments, invoices can happen during night as well as day time. This helps reduce the Turn-around-time for delivery of each shipment exponentially. We have a 24×7 document processing capability.

2. Reduction in Technology cost
We deploy state-of-the-art technology solutions, integrators and a workforce management system that ensures minimal technology cost is incurred. All these systems can be easily implemented and sync in your existing business environment.

3. Improve Business Productivity by 200%
Suma Soft has an industry experience of more than 16 years and has catered to various Supply chain and 3pl, hence we use benchmarked business and operational processes to provide you with re-engineered and enhanced outputs. The BPO solutions are efficient & cost-effective due to offshoring.

For 16 years, Suma Soft has been a Cost-efficient 3PL BPO Solutions Provider with Streamlined Business Processes and integrated IT Solutions that can seamlessly
integrate with your existing Operations. Our BPO Services for USA and Canada extend to
3PL companies, Transportation & Trucking, Airline Shipping, Cargo & Freight, Warehouse Logistics and other Supply Chain players.

Looking for more information on Suma Soft’s Logistic BPO services, Click Here>>>

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Top 5 things to look for before outsourcing to USA specific Logisitcs BPM Services provider

Before outsourcing to USA specific logistics BPM services provider you need to know the reputation of the company. Check company’s expertise in the realm of logistics and then decide. Let’s take a look on the 5 important things before outsourcing to USA specific logistics BPM services provider.

1. Find out the KPI(Key Performance Indicators) of the company
KPIs of a company refer to inventory, productivity, distribution facility performance, third party fulfillment and transportation. When you know about the logistics company’s KPI you get exposed to their results align with your company’s objectives.

2. Do the processes resonate with your business?
You need to be aware of the work processes of the BPM organization where you are going to outsource your services and ask for a service documentation. Alongside, the BPM firm should be able to look at what is working and what is not for you as a partner.

3. Get the service documentation or contract verified by Your Legal Adviser
Before outsourcing your services to a USA specific logistics BPM services provider you need to check the firm’s legal background, their track record and how they can benefit your business in the long run. The BPM company has to demonstrate financial stability. You should get the information about company’s loyalty and clean legal track record beforehand.

4. Ensure that the USA specific logistics firm is agreeing to partner
While you are going to partner with a USA based 3rd party logistics company, you need to be aware of their business expectations. Both the parties should know well about the business objectives.

5. Cost-Efficiency
You need to know how much profit you are going to make while partnering with the business. The partnership should help you deliver faster results at reduced costs to earn more revenue and gain customer satisfaction.

While partnering with Suma Soft – the top BPM services Provider USA Logistics, the organization assures you gain seamless result at optimal costs.

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