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5 benefits of mobile development Outsourcing

Suma-Soft-Infographics-5 benefits of mobile development Outsourcing
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4 reasons to develop your next Business App in Android?

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App Development Cost

Factors That Influence App Development Cost

Factors That Influence App Development Cost
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Ransomware: What CISOs need to know?

In a single month, two major ransomware attacks WannaCry and Petya attacked systems and networks of many large enterprises and organisations globally including India. It is difficult to become a successful CISO in today’s hacker-plagued digital world. While making sure the organization’s systems are risk free, technology related challenges have become the barriers.

There are 2 types of ransomware; Encryption and Locker.

  • Encryption ransomware- It includes advanced encryption algorithms. Hackers encrypt your confidential files and demand payment to decrypt your own files.
  • Locker ransomware- It is a type of ransomware that blocks a user’s access from operating system disabling him from using any data or applications.

Myths about Ransomware – It is high time for CISOs to understand the myths and facts related to Ransomware. Small and medium level organizations do not take security measures to protect their systems and data assuming ransomware attack are done on large scale industries only.

Following are some disturbing stats related to ransomware:

  • 1 in 5 businesses that paid for ransomware did not get their data back. By paying hackers, you are just adding the amount in the losses. (Source: Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2016)
  • Global ransomware damages are estimated to exceed $5 billion in the year 2018. (Source: Cybersecurity ventures)
  • 12th May 2017, 150 countries were affected by a ransomware called WannaCry. It attacked more than 400,000 machines. WannaCry is an Encryption ransomware.
  • A survey done by Osterman Research says, 58% of the affected companies in United Kingdom paid the demanded amount to the hackers.

Solution on Ransomware-

1. Backup- it is important to get backups of critical data regularly. Offline backup is important since many ransomware programs will look for your online backups and make them unusable, too.

2. Get patched- Patches protect the systems against the main route of infection. Make sure the patches are real from real service providers. Fake patches might contain malware.

3. Beware of fraud e-mails- Don’t click or download anything received through emails or while visiting a website. Never install software from other vendor’s website.

4. Anti-malware software- Use and timely update the anti-malware software to protect your system from hackers. Anti malware software can stop the majority of variants before they attack.

Another solution is hiring managed security services to outsource complete security programs to a reliable vendor. Managed security services save time, space and cost by offering latest security tools with expert resources.

Managed security services-

1. Threat intelligence– Threat Intelligence help organizations understand the risks of the most common and severe external threats including in-depth information about specific threats.

2. Cyber Security- Cyber security protects networks, computer systems, programs and data from cyber attack, damage or unauthorized access.

3. Unified security management- Managed security services offer unified security management that protects new network based and host based threats.

4. Intrusion prevention- Intrusion prevention system management is an essential aid when it comes to securing a network.

5. Vulnerability scanning- Vulnerability scanning is also called as vulnerability assessment identifies devices on your network that is open to known vulnerabilities.

About SumaSoft:

Suma Soft is a leading cyber security services provider. It offers incident response services, network host analysis, employee investigations and training on cyber security. Cyber security services cannot play the role of cure-all elixir. CTOs must keep track of updates within the organization and also out of the organization to secure the organizations.

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Explore various aspects that define cost of app development

Have you ever wondered what are the factors that affect the cost of app development? Calculating the cost of app development mainly depends on how you plan to create a mobile application. There are several factors that form app development budget that help shape the cost of app development.

Each app development process involves several factors that collectively influence the cost of app development. Let’s explore the factors that together make the cost of app development.

  • App Building type:The cost of app development is focused on the iOS and Android or Windows mobile operating systems. Apple iOS is a better choice to reach a more engaged user base. Android has a broader reach, however, particularly in emerging markets. Other than OS, Infrastructure turned out to be the biggest contributor. Data storage, Basic controls, third-party API integration, data encryption and scalability also play the key role in the cost of app development.
  • Extra Features:The cost of app development also depends on the additional features like login. Various customers may require other attributes like email login, Social Login, Rating System, User Profiles or geolocation monitoring. Integrating these features will affect the cost of app development.
  • Apps Complexity: Other features that increase technical complexities will increase the cost of app development include: admin dashboard, third-party integrations, and use of hardware components such as Bluetooth, GPS, barometers etc.
  • App Developer:There are different ways to develop your app. Such as Freelancer, In-house, Outsourcing. While hiring, consider, the designer should create visual content, a developer should optimize the product for rollout and product manager should oversee the strategy. Selecting the developer may alter the cost of app development.
  • App Maintenance:The Cost of app development even depends on app maintenance component. The maintenance process cost can be broken down to the cost of hosting, monitoring, engagement, marketing, updates, and licenses.

There are many more factors that influence the cost of app development. The cost of app development continues to vary dramatically in the marketplace. We at Suma Soft provide full-cycle of app development. We offer affordable cost of app development with a results-oriented product. For more information, Know more>>

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6 Open Source Trends that will dominate in 2018 - Suma Soft

6 Open Source Trends that will dominate in 2018

As per the report published in Techcrunch, more than 78% of the organizations operate through open source technology.

Open Source is a collaborative and transparent business model that facilitates sharing of ideas within the tech community. Open source platform facilitates easy adoption and modification of software designs.
Considering the high reliability offered by open source, it is the most widely used technology in the software development market. Organizations such as P&G, BMW, Ford, Facebook, Twitter are all great examples of successful implementation of the open source technology.

The benefits of open source can be summarized as follows:

Mobile Application Security Testing Services offer 4 major solutions:

  • Cost optimization: Open Source does not require the license for its implementation.This helps in optimizing the licensing costs of the projects.
  • Quality Improvement: Open Source helps in upgrading the quality of projects as it implements continuous improvement.
  • Complete control: Through the Open source, the vendors have full control over the costs and the codes.
  • Expertise: Open source facilitates better resource allocation.
  • Risk elimination: Through the Open source, it is easy to identify and eliminate the bugs or errors.

Organizations should be able to map the future of open source so as to deliver innovation in the projects. The latest trends in Open Source that are domineering in 2018 are as follows:

  1. Business Intelligence(BI): Enterprises are emphasizing on Business Intelligence to improve operational efficiency. In business decision-making process it is important to have the accurate and clear data. Through Open source BI tools, the monitoring & analysis of Big data becomes easy.
  2. Data Analytics: Enterprises use OpenStack in order to manage & control a large number of data & servers. In coming years, OpenStack is going to hold a stronger position in the software market.
  3. OpenStack: Large, as well as the small organizations, are continuously focusing on data management & data analytics. Data analytics is the mainstream operation for all organizations. The demand for open source data analytics tools such as Hadoop, Apache Spark will see a major elevation in coming years.
  4. NoSQL databases: Instead of using traditional spreadsheets and tables for data management, companies are opting for NoSQL databases. NoSQL databases are structured data storage systems. NoSQL database systems such as CouchDB, Redis, MongoDB are highly gaining momentum.
  5. API: The need for quality API systems is going to notice a major increase. Organizations will pay more focus on the smooth integration of API with open source.
  6. Cloud Foundry:Cloud Foundry is an open source foundation that helps organizations to run and deploy app while maintaining the security balance. Cloud foundry is optimized to deliver faster development and deployment process. In coming years companies will thrive on Cloud Foundry for digital transformation of their business.

About Suma Soft:
Suma Soft is Software Development company in India that provides innovative & best quality open source software development services. Suma Soft has an expertise in providing robust software development services to various industries such as Automotive, E-commerce, Apparel, Music, Travel, Healthcare, etc. Know more>>

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4 major solutions offered by Mobile Application Security Testing Services that will give you peace of mind!

Why do companies need Mobile Application Security Testing Services? Are you sure your mobile applications are secure? Mobile apps exchange sensitive data hence they are more likely to get attacked. Mobile Application Security Testing Services offer in-depth security testing on all major platforms such as iOS & Android.

Did you know; 35% of communications done through mobile devices are unencrypted! According to Mobile Security report, in 2016, 25% of Android apps tested had at least 1 high risk security flaw. (Source: Now Secure). According to Gartner, organizations spent $719 Million on app security in 2016, up from $630 Million in 2015. That’s a great news! Enterprises are become more security concerned and taking effective measures against data breaches.

More than 75% mobile applications failed security tests in the year 2015. (Source: Gartner). Testing security is as important as testing functionality and performance of an application to assure higher customer satisfaction and security.

Mobile Application Security Testing Services offer cost optimizing data security solutions to reduce time to market with benchmarked expertise. Issues such as Insecure storage of sensitive data on mobile devices and Errors triggering sensitive information leaks are detected, tested, and resolved.

Mobile Application Security Testing Services offer 4 major solutions:

  1. Device and Data encryption: These services encrypt your entire device or particular data, to prevent a hacker from viewing it without the key. It involves scrambling data into ciphertext unabling hacker to read it. Self-encrypting apps can offer extra protection of sensitive data, including e-mail messages, attachments, contacts and documents.
  2. Mobile Application Vulnerability Report: Detects how mobile applications can be exploited through poor server-side controls, client side injection, improper transport layer security, accidental data leakage, etc. threats. It also provides valuable information for code fixes.
  3. Anti-malware: Installing anti malware is important to assure data security of mobile apps. It restrict users from installing malicious apps or surfing to website containing malware and viruses.
  4. Infrastructure Findings Report: These services also provide information about the app infrastructure including OS, framework, backend database etc. with correct recommendations and suggestions.

These 4 major solutions offered by Mobile Application Security Testing Services help end users achieve secured transactions and safe data storage. They follow standardized processes of documentation and reporting.

Suma Soft deliver excellent mobile app security testing to various industries including Telecom, Automotive, Ecommerce.

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End-to-end mobile app development services for most prolific platform

Secured and robust mobile app development services ensure they include factors like functional, performance, compatibility, usability to ensure maximum user engagement. Every mobile app development process needs to keep in mind the ever changing demands of the end-user and market scenarios.
Since there will be updates on these apps, companies will have to perform continuous development on every devices to ensure that the app works as designed.
There were 1.6 million apps in Google Play and 1.5 million apps in Apple App Store in July 2015.
The Cost Per Install for Android apps in the U.S. was increased by 40%, while for iOS apps increased nearly 35% in the year 2015. (Source: deviceatlas)
And 20% Percentage compound in annual growth rate from 2015 to 2020 of global revenue produced from apps.

App Annie predicts this revenue to grow from $41.1 to $101.1 billion by 2020. (Source:solutionsreview)

So how to meet the dearth in app development with a better SDLC strategy?

An offshored mobile app development company can provide bench-marked mobile app development techniques, processes and manpower. They harness the latest tools SDKs, and frameworks to ensure their mobile app development services cater for popular devices like iPad, iPhone and Androids.

Major Types of Mobile App Development are:

  • Mobile native app:
    A mobile native app is an app for smartphone users that is built by a specific programming language for iOs or Java for Android system). They can access to a lot of mobile functionalities, such as the camera or even address book. Moreover, some mobile native app can be opened (though might not work properly) without connecting the Internet. In this sense, most of the video games we encounter nowadays are mobile native apps.
  • Mobile hybrid app:
    Hybrid apps are a kind of mobile app that contain characteristics of both mobile native apps and web apps. Like a mobile native app, they live in app stores and can have access to many other device features. Like a web app, they are built in HTML and JavaScript. It typically uses platforms such as Sencha, PhoneGap or Mosync.

Advantages of Mobile App Development services:

  • Prevent Threats:
    Mobile App Development Services look at the security and compliance risks from the app on the device, the backend systems and the network those app connects to, the interaction and data flow between them. A very well-versed Security experts in app development and coding who knows the weaknesses threat actors try to exploit will thoroughly evaluate your security controls and provide actionable steps you can take.
  • Rapid results:
    In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive business world, reducing time to market is often paramount to one-up the competition. Our system emphasizes incremental mobile app development and rapid prototyping, which means you’ll get working results faster.
  • 100% transparency:
    As a customer, you are always in control and fully updated on the project status, and your feedback is critical to the continuous improvement of the mobile solution. To make sure all parties are on the same page. Mobile app developers utilize daily status reports, conference/Skype calls, email updates, and onsite visits, if necessary.
  • Better quality:
    Mobile App development process relies on continuous testing procedures, which means software bugs are discovered and fixed early on. To maintain the overall level of quality throughout the project lifecycle, each release is thoroughly tested, and customer feedback is carefully collected to enhance the next version.
  • More business value:
    Mobile app developers utilize a feature-centric methodology, with business-critical features developed first. In addition, change requests are handled quickly and effectively, thus ensuring the product meets the stakeholders’ requirements.

What Suma Soft Provides?

With 17+ yrs of experience as a leading Mobile app development services company in USA;Suma Soft has provided a cost-efficient outsourcing for in iOS apps, Android apps and software development services in world over.Suma Soft provides Mobile app development services and helps develop robust enterprise level platforms by using open-source technology.
iOS app development processes depend on continuous testing procedures to get software bugs verified and fixed efficiently. For android based mobile apps- design, development and maintenance for different clients and also can be Integrate Mobile app with Workforce management tool.
Our operations are certified for ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system and ISO 27001:2013 Information security management system. In addition to the above we have Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards (DSS) certification for our order processing platform.

●   500+ Mobile App Project Deliveries
●   Expert Team of 100+ mobile app developers
●   24*7 Technical support for you
●   Reduced cost and shorter SDLC by70%

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5 Factors that you should consider while choosing a Managed Security Services Provider.

A research paper published by Markets and Markets predicts that the Managed Security Services market will witness a growth (CAGR) of 14.6% during the period 2016 to 2021. The Managed security services are estimated to expand from USD 17.02 Billion in 2016 to USD 33.68 Billion by 2021.

The report states that the major share of 43% of managed security services market is held by the Tier 3 Companies.

The major services covered under Managed Security services are Threat Management, Managed Firewall, Vulnerability Management, Anti virus & Managed Intrusion Detection. Choosing a right Managed security services provider is essential as these services contribute to the effectiveness of organization’s security standards. Investing in suitable Managed security services company can help in increasing the ROI by 50%.

Following are the 5 factors that are to be considered when choosing Managed security services provider:

  • Certifications: It is important to check the vendor’s credentials & certifications. ISO certification for quality services & Security Standard certification are some of the certifications that determine the performance of the vendor.
  • Testimonials: Perform an online research on what other clients say about the Managed security services provider. Testimonials provide a guidance in vendor selection process.
  • Support: Check if the company can offer a support service in case you want to report issues which need immediate attention. It is preferable to select a vendor which can offer you 24×7 support.
  • Expertise: The MSS provider you are choosing should have capability of providing expert services. Make sure that there is no skill shortage in the team which has been assigned for your work.
  • Cost: As cost is directly linked with the ROI, it is important to consider which company can offer you best value on money invested. Consider doing a competitive pricing analysis beforehand.

About Suma Soft: Suma Soft is an ISO 9001 and ISO27001 certified organization known for providing quality Managed Security Services. Our Managed Security Services will help you to improve your business efficiency by 60%.Know more –

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7 major roles of NOC services

Why consult NOC services? Why in-house network operation centers are getting difficult to handle by organizations?
According to ESG Research, 47% of those surveyed report raising challenges in monitoring network behavior. 41% believe the difficulties related to NOC is due to the raising adoption of cloud technology.

NOC services offer controls and monitors networks. These are consulted since they are reliable and have the best technology with latest tools. These services have high level of expertise and understanding of various technology platforms.

What are the 7 major roles of NOC services?

Incident management: As soon as an incident is triggered, authorized person is notified. These notifications sent in either email and SMS, making the process easier.

  • In-depth assessment: It properly assesses internal support operations. It determines what changes need to be made in the most common negative performing network trends.
  • Fault management: It also deals with recognizing, isolating and resolving faults occurring in the network. It also includes identification of potential networks.
  • Patch management: Patches from authorized vendors are used to protect systems against the main route of infection. These services manage patches and resolve any issues regarding patches.
  • Security: This is a main and important role of these services. It covers the process of controlling access to data and configurations. It protects user information from unauthorized users.
  • Performance management: NOC services manages the performance of the network including analysis of throughput, packet loss, response time, utilization, etc.

Analyzing baseline network behavior: These services analyze baseline network behavior to detect abnormal activities within the network. It helps in proactive troubleshooting and reduces network downtime.

The best part of NOC services is that it includes automation and consistently provides high quality response regardless several issues.

Suma Soft’s NOC services ensure maximum availability and best data threat detection. It offers intelligent remote monitoring solutions along with security monitoring and real time reports.

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