Test Automation of Product Life-cycle Management System

The Testers From Suma Soft Helped a Leading Apparel Industry to Implement Bug-Free Product Life-cycle Management System

Client’s Background

The client is a big brand in the Apparel industry across the world.

Project Requirements

The client required an efficient Product Lifecycle Management(PLM) system that catapults its profitable growth, helps build great products, bring in the additional structure and ensure the SOPs are being followed; in a very user-friendly and efficient way. This implementation's scope is limited to the mapping of customer requirements to the out-of-the-box solutions and available configuration. This project was mapped to engineering central to manage Part, EBOM management, and specifications capabilities for an enterprise-wide definition of software, hardware, electronic, and mechanical product information.

Additionally, the client was facing the below crucial challenges:
  • 1

    Frequent changes in the requirements.

  • 2

    Difficulty in locating elements for automation.

  • 3

    Several test cases to be automated in less time.

  • 4

    Complex and dependent test cases had to be automated.


Our experts at Suma Soft adopted a proven methodology for Requirement analysis, Test planning, Partitioning-Functional Decomposition, Test Case Design, Requirements Definition/Verification, Traceability Matrix, and Test Case Execution to design a reusable framework that can update test scripts.

We used different plug-ins to successfully locate elements and prioritize test cases that needed to be automated. With proper time management, our team was able to meet the client's expectations and delivered a scalable solution to increase their business growth.

Additionally, the client was facing the below crucial challenges:
  • 1

    Excel for writing test cases

  • 2

    JIRA for Bug Reporting

  • 3

    SAHI Automation tool

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