Mortgage Services

Expedite Loan Funding and Seize Competitive Advantage

Suma Soft’s BPM Tech platform & Mortgage Processing Services along with RPA and AI / cognitive capabilities has enabled our clients to significantly reduce time to Fund Mortgages.

Suma Soft’s Mortgage Processing service enables Mortgage companies to reduce loan closure time, increase revenue and provide superior customer experience.

Suma Soft Provides end-to-end mortgage processing services for US Mortgage companies with experienced and proficient staff helping clients to streamline mortgage processing task by providing round-the-clock support.

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Our Mortgage Services Includes

Loan Origination & Loan Servicing

In Loan Origination, our experienced staff of processors & data entry personnel pre-qualify loans for borrowers. Our team of processors ensures that necessary disclosures are sent to Borrower on time. Our team follows up for the Initial disclosures from Borrower. Disclosure Management team also works on validation and processing of Change of Circumstance requests.

Loan Processing

Our Processing experts order the required third party services like Appraisal reports, Title Report, Payoff, Tax Transcripts, HOI, HOA, VOE, etc. Team also performs validating and updating loan-level data in the Loan Origination System (LOS), reviewing loan files prior to underwriting to determine missing documents and data,updating and reviewing automated underwriting findings and feedback reports.


Our experienced team of mortgage professionals submit the loan files to underwriting and gather required documents to clear the loan conditions. Validating the data used by the automated underwriting system to make a credit decision. Performing a comprehensive review of the appraisal report and all supporting property documentation. Evaluating the application, supporting credit, income, and asset documentation. Run AUS (Automated Underwriting System) to check approve eligible.

Mortgage Closing Services

We perform evaluation of loan to determine if a transaction is "ready to close “. Examining the title. Performing tax, insurance, and reserve audits. Finalizing the fee sheet and obtaining client's approval. Obtaining a closing protection letter and wiring instructions. Preparing the closing instructions and legal documents. Requesting and reviewing the preliminary CD to verify figures to close. Clearing compliance issues prior to closing. Requesting funding and following the file through funding. Evaluating the loan to determine if a transaction is "ready to close.

Component Underwriting

Our team of experienced mortgage specialists help in underwriting by completing parts of underwriting activity such as income calculations, collateral reviews, asset calculations, credit analysis, etc.

Post Closing Services

Our team of experts perform Pre Shipping Review and Loan Shipping on Investor Portal, MERS Registration and transfers, Follow up and review of trailing docs and Post Close Correspondent review for investors before they purchase correspondent files.


Technology & Automation

Our BPM technology platform enables our teams to monitor, measure and optimize all business processes. Automation with the help of RPA and AI / cognitive capabilities further enhance our services quality and productivity for our clients.

Expert Mortgage Professionals

Suma Soft has a team with deep expertise in Mortgage domain. The team has migrated multiple customer processes over the years and scaled up the services to 400 FTEs with 24x7 coverage.

Exceptional Service

Suma Soft values exceptional service in every client interaction. We recognize that one solution does not fit all, so we work to find what suits you the best after evaluating your needs in detail. Suma Soft ensures that you get the best possible service that is aligned with your business metrics.

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