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Suma Soft Pvt Ltd. offers back-office Investor Documentation Processing Support for REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts).

Our team is proficient in handling the critical and extensive Investor Paperwork. Following are various sub-activities that we handle under the 'Investor Document Processing' Project.

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Processing of Investor Subscription Documents

Our team of Processing Analysts reviews the newly received Investor Subscription Documents such as Purchase Agreement, Investor Questionnaire, Purchase Questionnaire, Qualified Intermediary, Trust documents for completeness. They report any types of document deficiencies/shortcomings to Broker-Dealers / RIAs over email. Once revised documents are received, further processing of those documents is done.

Equity Allocation

Our Processing Analysts are proficient in calculating Reservation Amounts for newly received applications based on discounts, internal account cases and positions are booked in respective Funds / DSTs based on available Equity.

Settlement Statements

Processing Analysts create Estimated Settlement Statements and Final Settlement Statements when the transaction is at the Closing stages and issue those to QI, Intermediaries accordingly. These documents are revised within stipulated turnaround time to ensure that the closing procedure is not delayed.

CRM Processing

Team has proficiency in working with CRMs such as Juniper Square, Share Point and SalesForce. Processing Analysts create new Contacts, Accounts and Positions in CRM System, update Contributed and Committed Amounts, prepare and issue Welcome Letters, Invest Reports, etc., to Investors.

Benefits of Suma Soft’s Investor Processing for REITs Services

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