Subscription Order Management Services Outsourcing for USA

Suma Soft’s subscription order management services outsourcing empowers clients with fast , end-to-end order processing that includes updating new orders and order fulfillment. MNCs often look for trustworthy and reputed BPO to outsource their process related functionalities.

By outsourcing subscription order management services to SumaSoft, business operatiom heads can be assured of fulfillment of the process requirements guidelines at all levels. At Suma Soft, we understand your work hassles and carry out all the Subscription Order management that reduce costs of recruiting and training resources.

Benefits of using SumaSoft..

  • Improved customer satisfaction levels
  • Reduction in process time, cost per order
  • Cash flow and revenue will see an upward trend

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Subscription Order Management Services Include:

Order Validation

Placing the right order based on the customer details is very important. Validation of the accuracy of customer information, order details removes the redundant and incorrect data.

Order Data Entry

Based on the details provided by the customer the order is placed by capturing the data in the database.

Customer information data entry

It is very important to update the customer information name with appropriate prefix, residential or business address as per USPS requirements

Order Cancellation

Cancellation requests are important and are processed timely as it may lead to customer being billed for the subscriptions leading customer dissatisfaction.

Check Processing

Updating the system with the check values might sound simple however, the accuracy required makes it a different story. Payments received have to be updated in the system with high accuracy as it may lead to incorrect billing leading to customer dissatisfaction.

Exception Handling

Certain orders or requests that do not follow the standard norm need special handling. These requests are routed as exceptions to the Exception handling team. The expert team analyzes the request and transaction in detail to come up with the appropriate solution and action to be taken.

Subscription Order management

This includes new orders and renewals of subscriptions. Also handle, cancellations and modifications to the existing subscriptions. Update the subscription period and the premiums associated with the orders. Subscriptions are handled for various titles of the client and of other Publishers . We cater to US and Canada subscribers.

Check processing

It is one of the critical processes as it deals with subscriber’s money. The payments received in the form of checks from the US and Canadian subscribers are processed with accuracy. These values then are reflected against the orders and enable the agents to take required action for the paid subscriptions.

Exception handling

Certain orders or requests that do not follow the standard norm need special handling. These requests are routed to the Exception queue. The request is understood and analysed by the team in detail, based on the analysis appropriate action is taken to process the request.

1. Scalability
Subscription businesses have seasonal spike in demand for their products or services, outsourcing to Sumasoft provides access to resources, both talent and infrastructure which are easily scalable.

2. Access to Best Practices
Suma Soft is ISO 9001 certified for quality management, ISO 27001 certified for data security. We will process all orders with accuracy and within the desired turnaround time. Every subscription/order management task will be taken up with diligence and a commitment to deliver the best possible results.

3. Retain Control
We provide you with periodic reports, metrics and access to a dashboard, based on the process. This enables your team to review the progress made and inform us of any changes required in the execution of the tasks. Hence, you retain control over the outsourced work, which minimizes any risk of outsourcing for you.

We have a group of certified and trained workforce who helps us render fast and precise subscription order management services for clients in USA. Moreover, by optimizing high-end technology and customized business practices, Suma Soft adds value at every level of business. The industry sectors that we are catering to are as follows:

It has been seen that businesses are challenged by the rising infrastructural costs, adoption of high-technology and prevalence of quality and performance based work flow models. By leveraging a reputed BPM provider, you can redefine your operating model and maximize value for your business processes. At Suma Soft, we assist you to control costs, improve operational efficiency and provide the highest productivity from your business.


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