Logistics BPO Services

Suma Soft’s Logistics Process Outsourcing enable enterprises to optimize costs and unlock business value in supply chain processes. Our logistics services deliver the best quality centralized back office support for national and international logistics companies.

Logistics companies are under immense pressures to increase profits, reduce operational costs, and enhance TAT for shipment deliveries. As an ISO 9000 certified company, Suma Soft places paramount importance on security, quality and accuracy while implementing services like logistics accounts payable outsourcing services in USA. We provide end-to-end Logistics BPO services, Accounts Payable Business Process Outsourcing Services, Outsourcing Logistics AP services and Outsourcing 3PL Track and trace services. For over 18 years,Suma Soft has been the most preferred amongst the other Logistics BPO Outsourcing Solutions Companies in USA & Canada region.
Our commitment to deliver excellent logistics process has resulted in reduced errors, accelerated billing process and better cash flow for clients. The workflow of our logistics BPO Services includes:

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Track and Trace Shipment

Suma Soft is responsible for tracking & tracing of shipments. We support all modes involved in this process land, air & ocean. This is done by employing various methods such as Web track, Calling, Email & Chat.We provide support to all types of shipments such as LTL, PL, TL & Intermodal .We are involved in tracking the entire journey of the shipment from pick-up to delivery

Document Posting, Customs Documentation & AP

Receive shipment documents & post them under loads/orders. Indexing them as (Invoices, POD, Lumper receipts, Bill of Lading, etc). These are directly scanned & sent for processing, retrieved from Carrier websites on behalf of the Client or Emailed.Document follow-up is critical for payment approval.In load building,loads are fed into the client’s system .Customs documentation requires documentation on the of HVS and LVS shipments.  

EDI Exception, Exception Management & Cost Analysis

EDI exception includes reviewing EDI rejects. Detailed research is done to find the correct load and complete the payment cycle. It also involves the communication of the exceptions with account managers.Cost Analysis involves reviewing shipment invoices for potential customers of the client and providing analysis on potential savings for various plans.

1. Domain Excellence in the Logistics Sector
We are a 100 member team that makes it over 100 man years of experience only in the Logistics & Supply Chain domain. This extends to LTL , Tl domain expertise.
We are a competitive team of qualified professionals who are efficient, well trained and have rich domain knowledge and stay abreast of the latest trends and market predictions

2. Process and Work Force Management
At Suma Soft, we utilize a Work Force Management (CRM) tool for all segments of shipping and logistics practices and streamline processes effectively. This involves capturing the data from the customer, sorting, data entry, carrying on multi-tier quality checks and returning the compiled documents rapidly with the minimum turnaround time.

3. Exceeding Customer Expectations
Rated as the most preferred vendor to work with USA logistics BPO services by Suma Soft are backed by process re-engineering that includes an accurate use of technology and human intelligence. As a result, we deliver better operational results at reasonable costs, faster speed and 100% perfect results.

Suma Soft’s comprehensive and cost-effective retail back office outsourcing services solve the most critical logistics needs of different industries. Here, we provide solutions keeping the emerging business trend and your future growth in mind. We have garnered accolades by helping retailers and distributors with personalized logistics BPO solutions and better management in inbound and outbound shipping services. The industries that we are serving are:

According to Logistics Management, 2016 is going to be a year of transformation, where operational excellence, particularly in the areas of technological adoption and cost realignment will be central to the goal of outsourcing. There is a demand to maximize asset usage and minimize additional costs to the business ecosystem. Logistics BPO services by Suma Soft for USA can help Enterprises adopt agile and effective processes and employ tactics to give a consistent brand experience for all their customers.

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