Ticketing System used for Help Desk OR Chat Support for Remote Network Monitoring Service.

Any good tool is as good as the service it provides. Bring the best out of the Network Monitoring tool investment by implementing a support team. Our Chat Support and Help Desk share a very similar design and core features. Using either of the 24X7 services you will be able to:- 

    1. Simplify IT Service Management
    2. Accelerate Support Delivery
    3. Improve Employee/Customer Satisfaction

To help you get started we follow a strong Ticketing system that focuses on Communication, Resolution, and Security of information and data. Our ideal ticketing system looks like:-

Step 1 — Ticket log.

Step 2 — Set SLA. 

Step 3 — Assigning of tickets.

Step 4 — Provide resolution.

Step 5 — Quick Feedback request.

Step 6 – Close Ticket.

Our additional features that heighten the effectiveness of our ticketing system include.
Automation — Automate user service request management from ticket creation, assignment, routing, and escalation.

Multiple channel support — For 24/7 service, it can also be useful to maintain other support channels such as phone, email, or a mobile application.

Integrations –If data from another application needs to be included in the ticket, it can be helpful to find a tool that integrates with the ticketing system.

Reporting — Use built-in reports or create your own to track ticket status, technician performance, and customer support needs.

Knowledge Base — Leverage a built-in help desk knowledge base to promote end-user self-service for common issues.

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