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Why should it be your strategy to use performance testing for business enhancement?

A good performance testing service provider for India should help CXOs detect, determine and verify the speed, stability and reliability of the system delivering a bug free software by the end of the process.

Why should it be your strategy to use performance testing for business enrichment?

1. Covers a wide array of testing vertices
Under Performance Testing comes a wide range of services ranging from quality application, load testing, stress testing, soak testing and volume testing at different levels of application. Performance testing services provider will carry out performance testing at different levels of the application to check capacity analysis and server response time, risk management testing also comes under performance testing.

2. Enhanced TAT
The performance testing methodology should help inspect, determine, validate various features of the system, such as scalability, speed, stability, reliability and resource usage with advanced technologies and customized tools to optimize substantial decrease in the turn-around-time.

3. End to end testing process
Performance testing runs with tools such as, Load runner, Microsoft VSTS, JMeter. With a ready AWS server account, performance testing is carried on via load & stress testing, along with analysis of server side monitoring, database side monitoring and code. Performance testing entails an end to end testing process which includes monitoring parameters during test execution and analysis of parameters post-test execution.

Using a blend of robust testing tools and tactical practices, Suma Soft’s Performance testing service India will ensure a bug free software. With a certificate of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System, Suma Soft provides companies with advanced Performance testing services. Looking  performance testing services for more information Click here >>


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