Cross Platforms

Build High-functioning, Interactive, And One-code-fits-all Mobile App

We have concrete experience in building robust mobile apps capable of running on multiple mobile platforms. Suma Soft has real-life, proven experience in creating efficient cross-platform applications to engage your potential users on any platform and device. We create cross-platform mobile apps that deliver the same amazing features as native mobile apps.

We integrate modern and highly-functioning technologies to build cross-platform mobile apps that drive great value to your business. We also help in minimizing the overall efforts and complexity of developing different apps for different platforms by building a single cross-platform application using the same APIs, IDE, and programming languages.

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Our Expertise on Cross-platform Framework


With the power of the .Net framework and C# Xamarin, we design cutting-edge mobile apps loaded with the latest OS features like accelerometer, camera, contacts, file, geolocation, compass, media, network, notifications (alert, sound, vibration), storage, and many more. Our team has built awesome native alike mobile apps on Xamarin.

React Native

We combine Javascript with React Native to offer a real fast cross-platform app experience, powering your application to run at 60 frames per second. We build heightened user experience and comprehensive solutions using React native to leverage business efficiency.


With impressive UI design support and development of the latest Javascript AngularJS framework, Ionic helps us to develop business-friendly cross-platform apps with a strategic solution in a quick turnaround time. Furthermore, its Cordova plugins allow us to use generic features of the latest OS.


We create native-alike powerful apps with built-in innovative widgets using Dart and C++ programming tools offered by Google’s mobile app SDK named Flutter.

Phone Gap

With a game changer cross-platform app development technology, our cross-platform developers seamlessly develop and deploy advanced functionality on both platforms and bring your innovative app idea to life.


With a new face of Sencha Ext JS, we build data-intensive applications for the web as well as mobiles that support all core functionality and offer a user-friendly interface. We additionally help companies with a quick market entry at a reasonable price.

Read the Benefits of Suma Soft’s Cross-Platform App Development Services

Save Up to 40% on Development Cost
We use open-source cross-platform technologies to decrease the development costs and let you save dollars that matter.

High Performance Across Devices
Across each platform and each device, the app will deliver great performance with a fast response time.

Close-to-Native User experience
We curate the apps to give them a slick and polished look such that they feel native.

Post-deployment Support
For each of our built projects, we provide continued support and maintenance to our clients.

Ready-to-market Cross-platform Apps
We build cross-platform solutions that are qualified, ready-to-market, and all tested for quality.

Powerful Mobile Backend Frameworks
We deploy flexible and powerful backend mobile frameworks including Sencha, jQuery, and Ember.js.

Rigorous QA Testing
We optimize deployment by plugging-in quality analysts in the early stages of development to conduct extensive manual and automated tests and identity risk. 

In-depth Domain Experience
Utilizing 20 years of experience across various domains to build agile, interactive, and highly-functioning cross-platform applications crafted for a particular business needs.

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