Automate Your Value Streams with Managed CI/CD

We at Suma Soft helps organizations to integrate CI and CD leads to faster builds and quicker deliveries without compromising the quality of software.

Our DevOps experts analyze your environment and work accordingly to ensure optimum Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery services are utilized appropriately. Irrespective of whether your DevOps build and release environment needs some minor changes or a complete overhaul, or anything in-between, we can do it for you. We are well-experienced with tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, GitLab, Codeship, Bamboo, etc.

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Suma Soft’s CI/CD Expertise

We provide end-to-end solutions of any complexity.

CI/CD Design from Scratch
CI/CD Implementation Service
CI/CD Consulting

Our CI/CD Automation Process & Deliverables


Our DevOps experts will walk you through a precise definition of your business challenges and needs, so we can offer the best solution for setting up your CI/CD process and automating your pipelines.


Our 2-week onboarding process will give you an intensive analysis of your current infrastructure, application environment, and business requirements.
Our 2-week onboarding process will give you an intensive analysis of your current infrastructure, application environment, and business requirements.
To make the whole operation effective and comfortable, we will work with your teams to gradually embrace the CI/CD workflow in terms of procedure alignment, training, consultation, and tool utilization, to eliminate any possible lack of coordination and bottlenecks.


Our implementations will give you all the necessary skills and tools to set up, automate, and coordinate your pipelines from commit through build and test to production and deployment.

Benefits of Automating CI/CD Pipelines with Suma Soft

Better Code and Product

With CI/CD, you can easily implement A/B testing consistently while collecting feedback and tweaking the application for a better customer experience. A seamless development and release cycle guarantee that production is free of staging errors and pushes the final outcome only after ensuring all the health checks are positive.

Shorter Time to Market

Automating every process from writing the code to deploying the most recent production release and live to essentially reduce TTM. The benefits are clear and easy to track as we can release more solutions in less time, resulting in higher revenue and more value for the client and end-user.

Reduced Costs

Suma Soft’s shorter production cycles permit your teams to deliver more value in less time. Setting up Infrastructure as Code can fundamentally reduce the usage of cloud resources. Simple scaling eliminates waste from your CI/CD process and pipelines.

Happier Team

Our CI/CD automation frees up plenty of your team’s time that was previously spent on tasks like manual operations, refactoring, and process management. Your developers/engineers, QA experts, and project managers can use the newly found time to experiment, innovate, and take necessary breaks to refresh their focus.

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