Narendra Bhati of Suma Soft Ranked Amongst Top 5 Hackers By Slack


Congratulations!! We proudly applaud our employee Narendra Bhati for securing a rank in top 5 hackers in Slack Bug Bounty Program against other Security Researchers participating from across the globe. Narendra was awarded cash rewards and ranking in Slack top  5 for identifying multiple security bugs and reporting security vulnerabilities on the Slack Products.


Slack, a cloud-based company based in San Francisco specializes in the set proprietary team of tools and services was founded in 2013 by Stewart Butterfield. It is ranked No.3 in Forbes’s list of top 100 Cloud and has more than 5 million users every day. In general, more than 2000 hackers actively participate in this Bug Bounty program every year, out of some of the participants are in the top run.

Bug Bounty program helps hackers to get compensation, recognition and rewards Hackers for finding bugs before general public is aware of it. The ranking is based on the number and threat intensity of the bugs.

Suma Soft generously encourages its employees progressing in their specialized fields and appreciate their achievements wholeheartedly.

Suma Soft is an ISO certified company delivering comprehensive Cybersecurity services to global clientele. Know More – Cyber Security Services 

Contact Details:

Name: Narendra Bhati

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Email :


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The Power of Open Source

27July infographic
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What Makes an Effective IT Strategy?

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Five reasons How a Help Desk Is an Important Part of Your Business

Helpdesk solutions are crucial to any business. While earlier it was treated like an add-on service, today, it has become a significant part of a business strategy as organizations focus more strongly on customer requirements. According to a report by Transparency Market Research, the helpdesk solutions market is estimated to reach US$ 11 billion by 2023. Here are a few reasons why a help desk is increasingly gaining importance.

  1. Exemplary service is the hallmark of a customer-focused business. A help desk allows you to provide that. With great service comes a strong foundation of trust, which is essential for customers to return.
  2. A help desk can expand your profits. More than 66% of customers are willing to purchase from you regardless of price if you offer seamless service. An efficient ticket monitoring system allows for speedy resolutions. Subsequently, customers are sure to spread the word, which means more customers.
  3. A help desk system allows you to increase productivity by prioritizing tickets, enabling quick communications, sorting out customer lists, and many other functions.
  4. Make your customer support high on scalability with a well set up help desk system.
  5. Improve product quality constantly by gathering important customer feedback data efficiently.

Suma Soft’s help desk support services help you troubleshoot every tiny query and accelerate performance. Better tech means happy customers. Contact us at

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Five Reasons Why You Need an SIEM More Than Ever

The latest report from Technavio predicts that the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) market will grow at an astounding CAGR of 12% for the next four years. That’s because security threats are growing at an alarming rate. More than 70% of cyber attacks go undetected even today and clearly, there is an urgent need for widespread use of advanced monitoring. Here are five reasons why SIEM needs to be a crucial part of your business and IT strategy right now.

The usual firewalls and security products are not designed to catch, fend off or manage deep attacks. SIEM collects security logs among other things and enables a centralized analysis and report system that enhances your organization’s security.

This centralized system instantly enables you to streamline your compliance reporting processes. SIEMs have inbuilt support for meeting compliance reporting challenges and are geared to meet the various standards set up by the government.

A single dashboard system allows you to save time and an inordinate amount of money, which you would have otherwise spent on extensive coding and staff employment. Leveraging an SIEM also allows you to be prepared for threats much in advance, saving you millions in disaster management efforts.

An SIEM can piece together the anatomy of an attack. A regular threat prevention system can identify pieces of the attack and parts of its source. But an SIEM has the capability of putting logs together to form a comprehensive whole and precisely determining the exact source and how it operated.

Improve efficiency tenfold by managing a threat swiftly and putting out the fire immediately. The faster you can contain the threat, if not prevent it, the less time and money you lose.

Simply installing SIEM does not work. It needs to be managed efficiently and with expertise. Suma Soft’s SIEM experts offer comprehensive support services that can keep your business digitally secure. Better tech means happy customers. Contact us at

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Why Having a post-sales Support Strategy is Impactful

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5 Reasons Why: The Food Industry Needs a Digital Transformation

Technology can be a revolutionary force in the Food and Beverage industry but it is often sidestepped because of the initial expense. But consider the reality today. According to a BCG report in 2017, nearly 60% of customers have downloaded restaurant apps, and nearly two-thirds are part of a loyalty program, which is a steep rise from just 55% in 2014. There are multiple examples of businesses thriving thanks to adapting digital channels. In 2017, Domino’s Pizza received almost 60% of its orders were placed digitally while Starbucks made 30% of its sales online. Here are five reasons why your business needs to undergo a digital transformation to continue to stay relevant.

(1) Brands are built by customers today. Simple CRM tools and product lifecycle management systems can vastly improve customer experience, which is crucial to improving brand awareness.

(2) Installing a simple PoS system can streamline operations especially when it comes to keeping track of inventory and transactions. A Capterra report says that 62% of retail workers found that an mPoS system saved an inordinate amount of effort and time.

(3) Upgrading to a sleek and fast ERP system can do wonders to your inventory management, which forms a sizeable portion in the restaurant business. Managing inventory efficiently ensures optimized cash flow and accurate demand and supply forecasts.

(4) Today, almost 72% of searches for restaurants are done on the mobile and 6.6% of ordering happens through a mobile app. Adding an app to your software portfolio ensures that you reach more customers.

(5) Leverage data analysis tools to anticipate upcoming trends. The restaurant industry is constantly in flux, changing as per the taste of the consumer. Data analysis enables you to stay ahead and serve your customers what they are looking for.

Suma Soft’s retail experts offer comprehensive technical support services that can rejuvenate your business digitally. Better tech means happy customers. Contact us at

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The Components of a Well-Crafted SLA

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5 Reasons Why NBFCs Must Embrace Technology Today?

‘Indian non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) are growing their market share, however, they will have to keep pace with new technologies’, says a recent joint study by the ASSOCHAM and PwC. NBFCs are becoming game changers with an expected CAGR of 18% till 2020, according to CRISIL. But to ride this growth wave efficiently, NBFCs must embrace technology and keep pace with the times. Here are five reasons why it’s important.

(1) Customers in India are spread far and wide, and reaching people in rural areas is not an easy task. Setting up a seamlessly connected network can assist NBFCs to access customers effectively, which will also expand the customer base.

(2) NBFCs need to be creative and offer products that suit the fast-changing requirements of customers. By setting up a personalized CRM system, NBFCs can send out tailored automated messages to inform customers of the latest products and in turn, the responses can help in increasing awareness about customers’ needs.

(3) Embracing pay-as-you-go systems or simply enabling multiple payment methods will ensure that NBFCs can cater to a wide range of customers. Convenient and fast service is what the customer wants and the ability to make payments from any location on any device is a surefire crowd pleaser.

(4) While the initial investment in technology may not be very pleasant the dividends are very much so in the long run. The efficient use of AI or the cloud can enable NBFCs to cut costs significantly by reducing manpower and time taken for tasks, and by making operations seamless.

(5) Being in lockstep with technology also enables NBFCs to be compliant with new policies and initiatives. Government initiatives like Direct Benefit Transfer or Aadhaar Pay require extensive use of smartphones and involve a lot of data. Setting up mobile-friendly platforms and data capturing systems is beneficial not just for the customer but also for NBFCs.

Suma Soft’s expertise can do all this and more for NBFCs with our bouquet of services that include IT risk and management, software solutions, CRM systems, and tech support. Better tech means happy customers.

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How Cloud Migration Can Go Wrong If Your Partner Is Not Right?

22June infographic
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