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API Security Testing

An API is a link between the front end of an application and the backend that handles requests and provides a response. Our API security testing services ensure smooth API performance and data safety. Our API testers take complete responsibility to find the security bugs in your API, the supporting backend infrastructure and its authentication. We test that the APIs of mobile and web applications perform appropriately under load conditions. The API security testing is done under all possible scenarios. The response time of client side and server side is measured, security loops are detected and fixed.It is important that the data is safe throughout the process and API security testing allows you to do the same. It detects security faults and makes sure that your API shows optimum performance.

Advantages Of Our API Security Testing services

Cyber- defense

API security testing services scan the entire API to detect intruders and adopt a protection strategy to improve the cyber defense.

Data Protection

As all the security flaws are exposed at the right time, with proper action the risk of cyber assault or data breach is minimized thus safeguarding the data.

Vulnerability Assessment

API security testing services help detect the vulnerabilities poised at various layers of API such as the message layer, web UI level, and others.

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API Security Testing Services from Suma Soft reveals defects in API of mobile apps, web apps, website, and other software. Our API security testing services provide protection against malicious code and code fragments.