AlienVault – Unified Security Management Solution (SIEM)

Suma Soft has partnered with AlienVault to provide best in class SIEM services to the global clientele. Our solutions help businesses achieve complete threat visibility by monitoring and analyzing every activity happening on your network infrastructure.

SIEM provides centralized security event management. AlienVault helps reduce the cost and complexity of securing an organization by building all the essential security capabilities into one complete solution—the AlienVault USM platform. Unified threat detection, intrusion detection and compliance management solution that is both easy-to-use and affordable.

We can help you with

Vulnerability Assessment

Suma Soft with the help of Unified Security Management (USM), monitors your cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Suma Soft delivers remediation guidance by scanning your cloud and on-premises environments to detect assets and assess vulnerabilities.

Threat Detection

SIEM along with USM provides comprehensive threat detection, actionable incident, response directives. USM also deploys quickly, easily and with minimal efforts. USM helps you identify suspicious behavior and potentially compromised systems.

Real-Time Reporting

Suma Soft delivers continuous threat intelligence to keep customer aware of threats as they emerge and change.

Advantages Of Our SIEM Services

Better work efficiency

Partnering with AlienVault, Suma Soft enables you achieve complete threat visibility. By using SIEM, businesses can protect sensitive data of their organisation and clients. Suma Soft’s work efficiency ensures secure data for businesses.

Cloud and On-Premises

Using AlienVault’s USM, Suma Soft help enterprises protect from vulnerability. SIEM correlate and analyse security event and data from across your cloud and on-premises environments.

Reliable IT Security Management

Suma Soft’s Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) service is quick and reliable, providing reduced complexity and deployment time. Excellent team and 24X7 real-time services make Suma Soft dependable.

AlienVault – Unified Security Management Solution (SIEM)-Suma Soft
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AlienVault – Unified Security Management Solution (SIEM)-Suma Soft
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