KVMS BPO Platform

Suma Soft provides highly scalable and secure image based transaction processing BPO platform. This platform has the capability to integrate with client back-end system and imaging scanners. Over the last 5 years these platforms have processed 100 of millions of transaction for our clients.  This platform has been designed and implemented within high degree of security features that meets PCI data security requirements.


This platform allows image based form processing across multiple geographical locations. Some of the salient features of the platform are listed here:

Multiple Site / Workflow / Forms Support

This platform supports multiple sites. Thus more than one scanning facility could source the work and more than one processing facility can provide the processing services.

The system can host multiple workflows and each workflow can internally host multiple form types. Thus this system offers extensive flexibility for hosting a large number of form processing projects.

Secure Platform

This platform supports secure storage and transfer of information. Some of the key features for security are:

  • Field level encryption of data in database

  • Encrypted Data files on disk

  • Audit trail for all secure data access.

  • Payment Card Industry Security guidelines compliance

  • Secure software development methodology compliant to BS7799 security guidelines

  • Support for 3DES 168, AES 256, SHA-256, RSA 2048 security protocols

  • All communication between servers and desktop application over SSL

Easy of Deployment and Maintenance

This platform has the following specific features that allow easy installation and deployment for changes to workflows and forms:

  • Central server based software updates

  • Auto update of clients.

  • Auto loading of client software on first access via Web

  • Auto synchronization and updating of all client systems

  • Add validation tables updated from central server

Developed on Open Platforms

This platform has been built with Open platforms for both security and maintainability. Some of the key features are:

  • Open platform architecture with Java technology

  • Inbuilt security features of java against malicious operations and memory errors

  • Support for RDBMS databases such as Oracle, Postgresql

Ease of Interfacing with External Systems

This platform has been built to easily interface with external systems. Some of the key features are:

  • Supports file creation for fixed length formats

  • XML based file formats

  • Direct database updates

  • HTTPS/FTP data upload

Form Configuration Flexibility

This platform has been built to interface with various types of forms and processing. Some of the key features are:

  • Easy Form definition

  • Skill based allocation

  • Form level version control

  • Run time validations can be added to system

  • Form designing capabilities

  • Supports both production and test environment at the same time.

Management Features

This platform has command and control management console. Some of the key features are:

  • Web based tracking system for workflow management.

  • Configure skill based work allocation mechanism.

  • Deploy workflows, forms in test and production modes