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Remote Monitoring Services

Future of Remote Monitoring Services

Future of Remote Monitoring Services
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technical Support Services Trends in 2017

What are the Technical Support Services Trends in 2017?

Technical Support Services
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7 Musthaves of the best level 1 support services providers

7 Musthaves of the best level 1 support services providers

best level 1 support services providers
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Remote Monitoring Services-

5 Remote Monitoring Services Trends in 2017

5 Remote Monitoring Services Trends in 2017
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Level 1 Tech Support Services

Level1 Tech Support Services

Level1 tech support services
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Technical support outsourcing

Top Technical Support Outsourcing Trends That Will Dominate 2017

If you wish to lead the market in the new year, technical support outsourcing could be a game-changer. By outsourcing your IT infrastructure, you can not only create a dedicated resource for your business need but also save on the overall cost of infrastructure and workforce. You can opt for IT Help Desk Support, Network Monitoring, Level 1 and Level 2 Product support, Database Support and more under technical support outsourcing.

The global outsourcing market is growing by the day and new trends are catching up fast. Technical support outsourcing is helping businesses globally to add extra efficiency to their business operations and 2017 is going to see more of it.

So, keep an eye on these top trends in technical support outsourcing in 2017:

1) Social Reputation Management
Companies are opting for outsourcing of online reputation management. This trend is likely to pick up faster in 2017 because of the determining effects on a company’s image on social media.

2) Cloud Services
Technology innovations are pacing up and hence, businesses will need a technical support outsourcing partner that is capable of offering ITO, BPO as well as cloud services.

3) Data security
Companies are becoming conscious about safeguarding their IT infrastructure. Hence, technical support outsourcing will see a boom in security and risk management practices.

4) Automation
Process automation is the thing of the day. Technical support outsourcing service providers need to offer innovative automation solutions to companies to stay in the business.

5) Customer-centric Servicing
Help desk and customer care support will remain prominent just as in 2016. More and more businesses are turning towards luring their customers through innovative ways and technical support outsourcing will play a big role in this.

About Suma Soft:
A leading global technical support outsourcing provider for over 16 years, Suma Soft has helped companies expand business operations, increase TAT and cut down on expenses. To know more about the technical support outsourcing services of Suma Soft, click here>>>

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Remote Network Monitoring Services USA

3 Must-Have for Remote Network Monitoring services!

The reason why remote network monitoring services usa have become a common phenomenon across industries is that through a centralized and secure technology management system, companies are able to scale their business operations without compromising on quality. Also, to compete with the transforming technology, companies need to include faster and more effective strategies that will address faults and performance issues of their IT network. Technical support through remote network monitoring helps address these issues. But do you know about the top three essential features that you need to have in your remote network monitoring services?

Remote network monitoring services are required for highlighting and addressing issues related to server hardware, response time, resource utilization, app downtime and such other technical efficiencies.

The top 3 must-have features in your remote network monitoring services usa are:

1)Real-time Alarms & Notifications
To ensure that you are aware of anomalies within the right frame of time so that proper actions can be taken. Apart from the tech support personnel in charge of network monitoring, senior management also needs to be informed in real time about network issues. This will supply the much needed layer of immediate protocol to address the concern in suitable time.

2)Proactive Security
Remote network monitoring services should also provide advanced threat detection intelligence. Cyber security breaches are happening round-the-clock. This is why, having a continuous eye on malicious activities going on around your network is important. But the damage will be irreparable if any delay occurs. Hence, proactive intelligence is necessary.

3)Centralized Control
Whether you chose to build an in-house remote network monitoring team or outsource the services, make sure that you always go in for a centralized management system. This single point of control will be responsible for looking after your enterprise servers, operators, automation devices, and security devices as well as data collection points.

Remote network monitoring services help resolve performance issues that include rebooting servers, restarting websites, and more. Select the right tech support services to increase your operational efficiency and boost infrastructure productivity.

About Suma Soft:
For more than 16+ years, Suma Soft has been offering certified remote network monitoring services usa to global MNCs and SMEs. For more information on the latest features offered by Suma Soft’s remote network monitoring services usa , click here>>>

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Help Desk Outsourcing Services

5 Help Desk Outsourcing Services Tips for Every CTO

For anyone who is or who will be looking for IT help desk outsourcing services, these tips will prove valuable. If you are beginner in the outsourcing world, it is natural to have your share of doubts and anticipations. Outsourcing has transformed almost 90% of the global market, involving diverse industries that include Banking & Finance, E-commerce, Retail, Healthcare and more. Hence, CXOs and higher management across the world are looking forward to capitalize on help desk outsourcing services.

Looking at the current market scenario, it is advisable to know what you will or will not achieve by signing up for help desk outsourcing services. It is not just a critical technical decision but also an influential business transformation. So, let us quickly run through some guidelines that can help you achieve your desired business objective with help desk outsourcing services. Here’s all of it:

1) Calculate your need
Seasonal peaks occur in almost every industry. Therefore, always consider your immediate as well as future requirements. Ask for a scalable and flexible help desk team when you outsource.

2) Work in partnership
Your outsourcing partner needs to understand the crux of your business objectives. Hence, keep them well-informed about the policies and regulations of your company as well as industry sector.

3) Set clear goals
Whether your prime objective is network security or enhanced customer experience; set clear goals for your outsourcing provider. This ensures that the target is set and work is progressing in the desired direction.

4) Get reviews and feedbacks
Your outsourcing partner becomes the first point of contact. Be it security glitches or customer grievances, they come to know it first-hand. Always schedule regular review meetings to understand possible improvements in your processes.

5) Maintain a database
A lot of problems can be solved if you have archived resources or past case studies in store. Even if you have an offshore help desk centre, keep a copy of all activities for future business decisions.

While outsourcing might seem to be a very lucrative option from the point of view of cost-reduction, the appropriate merger of business processes can help you make the most of help desk outsourcing services. Your outsourcing provider is nothing but an extended arm of your business infrastructure. Offshore IT help desk services help you save costs, enhance customer satisfaction, deliver superior brand commitment as well as speed up your procedures. It is always worth a shot!

About Suma Soft:
For more than 16 years, Suma Soft has been active in offering technical help desk outsourcing services. The solutions include Level 1 and Level 2 Support, Customer Sales Support, Managed Technical Support, Post-sales Support and more. Suma Soft offers a flexible pricing methodology for different set of requirements. A 24×7 service by Suma Soft’s experts ensured that your business can progress at an unhindered speed.

Get a customized help desk outsourcing quote from Suma Soft now!

To get more information on Suma Soft Pvt. Ltd., click here >>>

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Global Technical Support

Main 3 reasons to choose India for Global Technical Support Outsourcing

When India got it first technical support outsourcing centre in 2001, little did people know that this business field will flourish massively and the country will soon book its place in the list of most preferred nations for technical support outsourcing. Recent surveys have indicated the growing popularity of India as an offshore business centre as most of the companies in US and Europe have outsourced their IT services to India over the last two decades.

So, where is India heading in offering technical support outsourcing services?

1. From Channelling to Managing
Technical Support Outsourcing is not just limited to being the first point-of-contact. With customers, in general, becoming more tech-savvy, companies need to address their concerns at the earliest. This often involves solving complex technical glitches, which tech support centres in India are becoming adept at.

2. From Amateurs to Technical Experts
Companies look for efficient and experienced employees that hold a sound knowledge of technical issues. This helps the companies in keeping their IT needs aligned. The number of technically-proficient graduates in India has profoundly increased over the last decade to fulfil this requirement of technical support outsourcing.

3. From Call Centres to Technology Centres
Apart from offering Level 1 and Level 2 Product Support services, companies like Suma Soft also offer remote monitoring services, database support services, network and application support services and such other high-end technical assistance to run and maintain IT infrastructure for renowned companies from US and Europe.

Today, technical support outsourcing services cover a plethora of IT security monitoring, configuration and maintenance solutions. Suma Soft Pvt. Ltd., one of India’s top-rated ITES & BPO solutions providers has been offering technical support outsourcing services to Automotive, Banking & Finance, E-Commerce, Health Care, IT& ITES, Logistics & Supply chain, Retail companies for over 16+ years.

Suma Soft holds expertise in providing cost-effective, 24×7 technical support services that include enterprise technical helpdesk services, customer sales and support services, remote database monitoring services and more. To know more about Suma Soft and its technical support outsourcing services, click here.

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IT help desk outsourcing Services

IT help desk outsourcing services- The Big Picture!

If a MNC outsources it’s help desk services, the purpose of that help desk is to solve problems. But measuring it by call volume doesn’t address why the MNC chose to outsource in the first place.
To save money? Yes. But are they improving customer service?

So what will 2017 bring?

Does outsourcing your IT help desk services only help you save cost?
Can it also improve customer satisfaction exponentially? The traditional ways to measure outsourcing have been bodies needed and help-desk tickets filed. However, we understand, those 500 help-desk tickets don’t have anything to do with what the business is trying to accomplish.

One company may see IT help desk services as good for company culture and collaboration and might choose to keep it in-house. Another may see it as a commodity service that’s ideal for an Indian outsourcer. Figuring out the outsourcing/insourcing ratio that delivers the best results is a high-stakes problem for many a CIO.
The Big picture…

  • The global technical support outsourcing market can be primarily segmented by types of support service, end-use industry, and region. The type of support services offered by technical support outsourcing players include pre-sales support service, post-sale support service, managed technical support service and enterprise technical helpdesk services
  • Technical support services include level 1, level 2 and level 3 support services which are delivered through voice, email and online chat supports.
  • Enterprise technical helpdesk services include issue resolutions, knowledge management, application support, software support, trouble ticket management and reporting and decision support.

Upcoming IT help desk Services trends…

1. Security takes center stage
Security is top of mind from the boardroom to the break room, and it will influence outsourcing strategy in 2017 as well. So before you think of extending or getting into new contracts, do ensure the service provider follows a strict ISO 27001 adherence benchmarks

2. Arrival of the quintessential DevOps team
DevOps aims to break down the barriers and conflicting priorities that often exist between development and operations teams, such as project spend, application performance and functional requirements. This allows them to work together, delivering systems into production reliably, safely and rapidly, and to operate and support them more effectively.

3. Performance based Pricing models
Cost arbitrage no longer dictates the outsourcing ball game! What wins battles on the work-front is how well can the services provider meet and exceed the set SLAs and bring a higher brand re-call every time our end-customer interacts with you.

About Suma Soft:
Suma Soft has been successful in providing a 200% increase in ROI and customer satisfaction ratios for over 16 years.

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