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Penetration Testing Services

Latest Trends for Penetrating testing services in 2017

Penetration testing Services help detect vulnerabilities after product is complete. It assists in analyzing where the vulnerability resides. Developer needs to review and understand the code then identify fix location and verify remediation quality.

Why you need a Penetration testing services provider?

  • Penetration testing has high false negative potential. That is why Penetration testing services are a very time consuming activity and may take days of work and sometimes even a full week. Penetration testing services can only be performed at the end of a cycle and will delay release if results are found and they include new costs every time a test is performed
  • Suma Soft provides reliable penetration testing services for 16+ years. Our penetration testing services help businesses identify potential risks to their web applications, websites and software’s; thereby conduct penetration testing to monitor and protect the computer system from malicious activities or attack of hackers
  • After determining the vulnerabilities that exists in the systems, servers & networks; the penetration testing team identifies appropriate targets for penetration attempt. The time and effort that need to be put in for the computers that have vulnerabilities required to be estimated accordingly

Latest Trends for Penetrating testing services in 2017

We predict the following 4 trends for Penetration testing services to bring about changes in 2017.These are various options to evaluate application security or even the best remedial steps.

  1. Quarterly / Semi-Annual / Annual Penetration Tests – Black box testing
  2. On-going Assessments (After every change in the application)
  3. Application Source Code Security Assessment
  4. Web Application Firewall deployment

Suma Soft can help you provide all the 4 remedies for a cost-effective price. Being an ISO 27001 Certified company with CERT-In empanelment since 2012, we understand the importance of running a robust and safe business enterprise.
To get a free demo of our Penetration testing services, click here>>

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website security audit Suma Soft

3 Perils Of Not Getting Your Website Security Audit Done

website security audit
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SOC services

Why 2017 is the year of SOC services?

Why 2017 is the year of SOC services
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Best Security Monitoring Services USA

Best Security Monitoring Services USA

Best Security Monitoring Services USA
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Website Security Audit Services

5 Ways by Which Website Security Audit Services Secure Your Online Presence!

Website Security Audit services help you assess your web security and configuration errors. Through your website, an enormous amount of data is available on public platform that can be misused by cyber criminals. With the help of automated as well as manual testing, website security audit services ensure that your application as well as web environment is safe from attackers. Security loopholes on your websites or web servers can be detrimental to your business in terms of loss of data, privacy breaches and degradation of brand value. Hence, latest security measures need to be deployed from time to time.

Here are 5 ways in which website security audit services help you have a safe and secure online presence:

1) Testing Your Security Framework:
Through a series of security checks, website security audit finds out fault in your commonplace security set up including firewall validation, IDS verification, password cracking, etc.

2) Updating with Industry Standards:
Periodic security audit of web applications and server makes it easier for companies to stay updated with compliance changes and new cyber laws. This helps companies in creating new policies.

3) Enhancing Brand Value:
Security audits help companies in acquiring a solid safety standard. After security audits are conducted, the security certificate present on the website reflects the safety parameter of the website.

4) Upgrading Performance:
Security audits help in finding faults in your applications. By rectifying these faults, you can improve the performance of your software and offer superior services to your consumer.

5) Long-term Security Solutions:
Website security audit services do not just help in identifying the vulnerabilities but also in creating a futuristic plan for staying ahead of cyber attackers.

About Suma Soft:
Suma Soft Pvt. Ltd. is a 16-year-old company that offers website security audit services to global companies. Among the wide range of IT risk and security management services offered by Suma Soft, website security audit services come with a flexible pricing module and customizable solutions. Suma Soft is an STQC empanelled company with an ISO 27001:2013 for Technical Support Services.

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Cyber Security Services

3 Golden Rules of Cyber Security Services

Today, a range of cyber security services have flooded the market and one is spoilt for choice. Companies all over the world are gearing up to counter malicious activities in the virtual world and reports suggest that the cyber security industry will grow to $170+ Billion by 2020. In this scenario, how will you choose the best kind of cyber security services for risk management of your IT infrastructure?

Keep in mind the three golden rules before selecting cyber security services for your company:

1) Advise
Cyber attackers are not static minds. They are continuously inventing newer technologies to cause havoc in the IT world. The cyber security services that you choose should be able to advise superior methods of safeguarding your IT assets. Your cyber security services should offer proactive insights on important changes that can help build a robust infrastructure.

2) Protect
IT security must be rich with latest technology tools that will protect your devices and applications against the smallest malware attack. Cyber security services should implement innovative and advanced protection policies. Companies need a wide suite of network security solutions with access control and policy, advanced malware and intrusion prevention, device and switch security, web security and more.

3) Monitor
Cyber security has to offer continuous and microscopic monitoring of remote devices to make certain that every part of the IT infrastructure is being examined throughout. Be it a small or multinational organisation, cyber security services should be able to offer security for IoT devices, web or cloud, so that a full and end-to-end coverage is ensured.

Follow the three golden rules to create a cost-effective and reliable security infrastructure through comprehensive cyber security services.

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Security Testing services

2 Most popular Trends for Security Testing services in 2017

As a leading CERTIn Empaneled Auditor for public and private sector units across the country, we have identified these 2 popular security testing trends that will certainly impact the security testing frameworks in the upcoming year.

1. Penetration Testing – Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)
Pen testing helps in identifying vulnerabilities after programming arrangement/web application/item is finished. It helps with dissecting where the powerlessness dwells. After the Security Tester distinguishes a defenselessness, the Developer needs to survey and comprehend the code then recognize fix area and confirm remediation.
Pen testing has high false negative potential. It is an exceptionally tedious movement and may take days of work and once in a while even months relying upon the measure of the web application.

Pen tests must be performed toward the end of a lifecycle and may defer the discharge if the huge number of vulnerabilities are found and they incorporate new costs each time a test is performed. Consequently, search for a dependable Penetration testing services partner that not only helps you diminish cost but also improve the time-to-market rate exponentially

2. Securing Applications using Source Code Analysis Tools – Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
Instruments for Source code investigation help in distinguishing vulnerabilities amid the product advancement process, recognize code area and give a sign on how and where to alter the code. A portion of the source code examination apparatuses can even incorporate with the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) prepare and can converse with different Source Code Repositories, Build Management Systems, Bug Tracking System and so on.

This provides results in minutes while scanning small projects and a few hours on larger projects. These do not incur cost per scan if the source code analysis solution is deployed on premise. Developers can become part of the security process, learn and gain expertise in secure coding practices.

Static Code Analysis is fast, identifies many more security weaknesses in the applications than DAST, fairly accurate with lower rate of false positives by applying smart code analysis algorithms. Are you using one for your applications yet?
Looking for a robust Security Testing services provider? Contact expert team at Suma Soft for a free consultation.

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IT Risk Management Solutions partner in India

3 Must Haves in your IT Risk Management Solutions partner in India

It is mandatory for all IT companies to collaborate with an expert IT Risk Management Solutions partner in India because as soon as a new Business Solutions are developed, it becomes susceptible to data leaks & security threats.

3 Must Haves in your IT Risk Management Solution provider in India

1. CERTIn Empaneled IT Auditor
To ensure data protection & prevent information leak, business should look for an CERT-IN empaneled partners for IT Security and Audit Services. This gives technical expertise to companies for conducting Information Security Audits.

2. Threat Monitoring Platform
Netmonastery’s advanced threat platform i.e. CNAM (Comprehensive Network Attack Monitoring) Threat Visualizer ensures that your applications are protected a security infrastructure through an embedded code which allows it to detect threat at each level.

3. Secure source code Analysis tool
Checkmarx’s unique Incremental Scanning enables enterprises to not only run a full scan of the code but also scan just specific parts where recent changes have been made. Checkmarx helps in save significant costs while building codes

As a CERT-IN empaneled IT Risk Management Solutions partner Suma Soft understands the importance of data security and has been a trustworthy partner in India since 2012.

Suma Soft has also partnered with Checkmarx to offer their Source Code Analysis solution and Netmonastery for Security Monitoring (SIEM) as a service using Comprehensive Network Attack Monitoring (CNAM)
Want to find out more about Suma Soft’s IT Risk Management Solutions India, Click Here>>>

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