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Network Security Monitoring

Network Security Monitoring – Way to minimize Security risks!

Network Security Monitoring include the collection, analysis, and alerts that help detect and respond to security threats in your business networks. It detects advanced threats by discovering irregularity in protocols, apps and file transfers.

Future of Network Security Monitoring (NSM)…

According to MarketsandMarkets Research, NSM market is estimated to grow from $7,024.5 million in 2014 to $11,058.6 million in 2019 at a CAGR of 9.5% during the forecast period.

NSM covers Threat detection, Cloud web security, Email security, etc. In Network Security Monitoring, Web Applications are integrated with security monitoring and external threat intelligence is applied without any extra effort.

As per ESG’s report, 91% of organizations plan to increase their investment on Network Security Monitoring over the next 2 years.

42% respondents say they use NSM for hunting suspicious behavior.
35% use network security monitoring for detecting security breaches.

Here are top 4 benefits offered by Network Security Monitoring services:

1. Security expertise:
NSM providers employ network experts with specialised skills in all areas of IT. The expertises required for running an in-house network security monitoring team would be very costly for most organisations. Hence lean organizations are moving towards the outsourced network security monitoring options.

2. 24×7 support:
NSM service providers provide resources round-the-clock. This requires multiple skillful resources that can be scaled as per your business requirements. It is difficult to fulfill support requirements in-house and is much easier to outsource such services.

3. Access to updated tools:
NSM providers use latest tools & techniques to perform security checks. These service providers have updated technologies that alert enterprises when attacks are underway, providing accurate and timely details.

4. Budget friendly:
By outsourcing NSM to a reliable company, enterprises can save- costs of hiring an entire team, latest technologies, infrastructure, and most important of all; costs of network security damage. Outsourcing network security monitoring gives access to highly skilled staff at a competitive cost.

Suma Soft has delivered 500+ projects in NSM services with 24×7 Support Team working round the clock.

Benefits of outsourcing NSM to Suma Soft:

  • Large scale cost saving on infrastructure and manpower
  • Unified solution with 360-degree coverage
  • Monthly pay-per-use model
  • Instant roll-out of detection services
  • Accountability on attack notification

If you too want to minimize security risk, Click Here to get a Risk-Free trial>>>

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managed security services

Top 5 benefits of using a Managed Security Services Provider

Ever wondered why managed security services are important?

The data threat landscape is evolving day-by-day and that only increases the risk of cyber attacks on all businesses and organizations. According to Dell Security, malware attacks doubled to 8.19 billion in 2016.

Juniper Research estimates cyber-crime will costs businesses over $2 trillion by the year 2019. Organizations dealing with sensitive data of clients has a high risk of cyber attack. To protect your organization’s confidential data, you need a systematic approach to manage security needs.

Organizations with limited staff and low budget might lag behind in security management. Managed Security Service Providers help such organizations with not only cost-efficient threat detection and but also timely maintenance.

Managed security services provide a wide range of frameworks to ensure there is no threat in the system. Here are 4 major services under MSS:

1. Intrusion detection: Intrusion detection gathers and analyzes information from various areas within a network to identify possible security contravention.

2. Security monitoring services: In security monitoring, the warnings of intrusions are collected, analyzed and escalated.

3. SIEM: SIEM helps businesses achieve complete threat visibility by monitoring and analyzing every activity happening on your network infrastructure.

4. Security audits: Security audit is an assessment of a system or application of an organization.

Top 5 Benefits of hiring Managed security services provider:

  1. Knowledge and expertise: Managed security services provider possess staff skilled in security management with updated knowledge. These experts work 24×7 for detecting threats in your infrastructure and updating them from time to time.
  2. Save time & Space: Organizations need not hire more resources just to detect threats and manage security. Hiring new people, training them becomes very time & space consuming. This issue can be solved by simply delegating the work to a MSSP.
  3. Latest security tools: Managed security services as mentioned above ,provide updated technology required in threat detection and performing audits. It is very difficult for all organizations to have such high technology within the organization and update it frequently
  4. Early threat detection: Because of early threat detection and protection, it gets easy for businesses to focus on their main functions and leave the security concerns on MSSP.
  5. Cost saving/ budget friendly: For small and middle-level organizations, security management gets out of budget since it requires high technology, 24×7 monitoring, expertise, and time! So, for cost feasibility, security management is outsourced to MSSP.

Suma Soft provides turnkey solutions for your security challenges. SumaSoft has been providing remote managed security services since 16+ yrs to global enterprises.
Key benefits of Suma Soft are Customizable services, enhanced operations, and speedy procedures.

Here are some key features of Managed Security Services by SumaSoft:

  • Delivered 500+ Managed Security Services Projects
  • 24×7 Managed Security Services Team
  • Save Managed Security Services cost by 70%
  • Improve Downtime by 99.99%

For Suma Soft’s Risk-Free trial, Click here.

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CERTin Empanelled Auditors

5 things to look for in CERTin Empanelled Auditors

CERTin empanelled auditors are the agencies who carry out Information System Audits. Wonder what is the need for such audits? There are more than 1 billion websites in the world. Open-source Content Management system has caused this growth in the number of websites. Maximum number of websites online are powered by WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. As per Google’s report, in March 2015, 17 million website users received warnings that website visited were trying to steal their data or install malicious software. This number increased to 50 million by 2016. More the connectivity, more the risk of getting hacked!

CERTin basically is a government body which responds to security incidents. Suma Soft is a CERT-in empanelled Auditor since 2012. Being an empanelled auditor, Suma Soft is qualified to carry vulnerability assessments and penetration testing of websites and networks.

Here are 5 things to look for in a CERTin empanelled company:

1. Should provide a single point of contact for reporting local problems:
Suma Soft provides streamlined coordination and reporting. Benefits of single point of contact are; saving time, cost and & effective governance.

2. Provide 24 X 7 security services:
A CERT IN empaneled company, provides 24 X 7 security services to businesses including advisories, vulnerability analysis & response and database of incidents reporting.

3. Risk Analysis:
CERT IN encompasses IT Risk Analysis, Anti-virus and Malware protection, Firewalls, Web Filters and Spam. In this Risk Analysis, CERTin empanelled company helps Identify and locate Information Assets; here, the sensitive data is given highest priority. At last a threat modeling exercise is conducted and the final report is done for the risk analysis.

4. Identification of weak points in the IT Infrastructure:
CERTin empanelled company conducts technical internal vulnerability assessments on servers and networks to identify weak points in IT Infrastructure.

5. Audit for penetration testing:
Penetration testing is the evaluation of existing security! It is extremely crucial. CERT IN empanelled company conducts penetration testing of web applications, Government and other organizations that must undergo an annual audit.

Suma Soft being CERT in empanelled company covers all these points. We analyze the risk and forecast cyber security incidents. Suma soft’s major objectives are, to prevent companies from cyber-attacks and to provide real-time response to cyber-attacks and minimizing damage.

Suma Soft performs best practices and benchmarks as recommended by CERT-IN used to conduct audits. Our customers need not worry about the cyber security since the audits are up-to-the cert standards and done by excellent professionals. Suma Soft is an STQC Empanelled & Certified Company. We are certified for compliance with requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

To schedule a CERTin IT Audit today Click Here

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5 Advantages of using SOC Services for Cyber Security

5 Advantages of using SOC Services for Cyber Security

SOC Services for Cyber Security
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Network Security Monitoring Guide for CTOs

Network Security Monitoring Guide

Network Security Monitoring guide
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Top 7 benefits of using a SOC Services Provider

Top 7 benefits of using a SOC Services Provider
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Managed Security Services Provider

5 Reasons to use a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

5 Reasons to use a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)
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Remote Monitoring Services Game Changers in 2017!

Remote Monitoring Services
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Penetration testing services

Latest Trends for Penetrating testing services in 2017

Penetration testing Services help detect vulnerabilities after product is complete. It assists in analyzing where the vulnerability resides. Developer needs to review and understand the code then identify fix location and verify remediation quality.

Why you need a Penetration testing services provider?

  • Penetration testing has high false negative potential. That is why Penetration testing services are a very time consuming activity and may take days of work and sometimes even a full week. Penetration testing services can only be performed at the end of a cycle and will delay release if results are found and they include new costs every time a test is performed
  • Suma Soft provides reliable penetration testing services for 16+ years. Our penetration testing services help businesses identify potential risks to their web applications, websites and software’s; thereby conduct penetration testing to monitor and protect the computer system from malicious activities or attack of hackers
  • After determining the vulnerabilities that exists in the systems, servers & networks; the penetration testing team identifies appropriate targets for penetration attempt. The time and effort that need to be put in for the computers that have vulnerabilities required to be estimated accordingly

Latest Trends for Penetrating testing services in 2017

We predict the following 4 trends for Penetration testing services to bring about changes in 2017.These are various options to evaluate application security or even the best remedial steps.

  1. Quarterly / Semi-Annual / Annual Penetration Tests – Black box testing
  2. On-going Assessments (After every change in the application)
  3. Application Source Code Security Assessment
  4. Web Application Firewall deployment

Suma Soft can help you provide all the 4 remedies for a cost-effective price. Being an ISO 27001 Certified company with CERT-In empanelment since 2012, we understand the importance of running a robust and safe business enterprise.
To get a free demo of our Penetration testing services, click here>>

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website security audit Suma Soft

3 Perils Of Not Getting Your Website Security Audit Done

website security audit
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